2014 challenge wrap-ups

January 2, 2015 Bookish 4


It’s time to reflect on how I did with the challenges I set myself in 2014! I smashed some of them and failed miserably with others, but it’s given me a lot to think about in terms of reading challenges for 2015.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

I set myself a goal of 150 books and I completed it!! I stayed ahead of the counter at all times, so that was very exciting.

I’ll be setting myself a goal of 150 books for 2015 as well.

Australian Authors

I set myself a challenge to read books by ten Australian women and ten Australian men in 2014, and I read 31 books by Australian women (21 authors) and 11 books by Australian men (8 authors). I’m continuing to do really well with reading Australian women, but haven’t yet been able to match it with my readership of Australian men. Here are the books I read and reviewed:

[challenge-books for=”Australian Authors – Female” overview=”yes”]
[challenge-books for=”Australian Authors – Male” overview=”yes”]

In 2015 I have again challenged myself to read books by ten different Australian woman and ten Australian men. Hopefully this time I can reach my goal for both!

Sequel Challenge

In 2014 I thought I’d try to get up to speed with all the series I’m currently reading, so I did this challenge as a way to reward myself every time I finished a book. The point system worked like this:

  • 1 point for Book Two of a series;
  • 2 points for Book Three of a series; and
  • 3 points for any additional books in longer series.

Here are the books I read. I have a total of 126 points for 2014

[challenge-books for=”2014 Sequel Challenge” overview=”yes”]

Début Author Challenge 2014

I’m usually amazing at the début author challenge, but this year I have failed! I am very sad, and will try harder next year.

[challenge-books for=”Debut Author Challenge 2014″ overview=”yes”]

TBR pile challenge

In 2014 I challenged myself to read the books I have purchased and then never read in an effort to reduce my TBR pile. I failed quite spectacularly and I’ve realised this kind of challenge doesn’t work for me, so I won’t be attempting it again.

[challenge-books for=”TBR Challenge” overview=”yes”]

For 2015, I’ll be sticking with the Australian Writers challenges, the DAC and the sequel challenge, but I’ll give the TBR pile challenge a miss.

How did you go in your 2014 challenges? What have you challenged yourself to in 2015?

4 Responses to “2014 challenge wrap-ups”

  1. Rebecca

    I only signed up for the GR challenge and failed, but hey, there’s this year. And for 2015 I’ve signed up for DAC (we can keep each other motivated, OK! I love supporting debs and am excited to be back for this year), LGBT and the Aussie Writers Challenge (I’d also like to be reading from male Oz writes, too).

    And I’m co-hosting a brand new challenge: Dive Into Diversity, supporting diversity in lit! Exciting stuff!

    Good luck with your challenges this year!

    • Shaheen

      Thank you! Wish you all the best with yours as well! I made a note to check out the Diversity Dive and forgot! Doing it now. I remember when you were talking about it on Twitter I was interested in joining it.

  2. Tsana

    I want to do the sequel challenge this year. I started by buying a bunch of mostly book 2s at the end of last year. Other things (Aurealis things) have intervened for the moment, but I’m still hopeful for the rest of the year. Not sure if I should make it official though.

  3. Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity

    Congratulations on completing three of your challenges!

    I only signed up to two in 2014: the generic Goodreads one (I set myself 100 and then increased it to 150 because I was a reading machine and read 165 this year) and the AWWC (I read 17, so I completed it).

    I don’t think I read one Australian male author, although I’d probably have to go through and check. But I don’t really read male authors at ALL, so it’s highly unlikely.

    I was spectacularly bad at continuing series and reading books I own.

    This year, I’ve challenged myself to read 150 books overall, and 10+ LGBT+ YA books! I really hope I can complete them. I’ve also informally challenged myself to read books I OWN because I am terrible at it. I keep buying books and never reading them, and it makes me quite sad to see them all sitting there without being read.

    Good luck in your 2015 challenges, Shaheen!

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