September 26, 2011 Bookish 0

Sara Douglass, the bestselling Australian fantasy writer, died this week after a battle with cancer. Sara was the first Australian signed to HarperCollins’ Voyager list in 1995.

Voyager publisher Stephanie Smith said, “Sara Douglass was an extraordinary woman and one of the world’s greatest storytellers. I cannot express the personal sorrow I feel at the loss of Sara from our lives … it was an honour and a joy to receive her new manuscripts and to work as her editor. Sara was the first author signed by Louise Thurtell for the then new Voyager imprint; that first book, BATTLEAXE, was an instant bestseller and Sara was consequently one of the leading lights in taking Australian fantasy writing to the world. Although an intensely private person, she was always generous with advice and encouragement to other writers and in her communication with everyone who visited her websites.”

HarperCollins Publishers send deepest condolences to Sara’s family, friends and legions of fans.

Taken from the Voyager Books Facebook page. 

One of the best works I have ever read is The Troy Game by Sara Douglass. She will be sorely missed – not only by the community of Australian authors and book lovers, but all over the world. 

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