Bloodwitch by Susan Dennard

June 5, 2020 Reviews 2 ★★★★★

Bloodwitch by Susan DennardBloodwitch (The Witchlands #3) by Susan Dennard
Published: February 12th 2019 by Tor Books
Format: Paperback, 462 pages
Genres: Fantasy
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5 Stars

Loyalties will be tested as never before.

The Raider King’s plans to claim the Witchlands are under way. Now, his forces sow terror in the mountains, slaughtering innocents. After finding the slain, Aeduan and Iseult race for safety. And despite differing goals, they’ve grown to trust one another in the fight to survive. Yet the Bloodwitch keeps a secret that could change everything.

When Merik sacrifices himself to save his friends, he is captured by the Fury. However, Merik isn’t one to give up easily, and he’ll do whatever it takes to save those he loves. And in Marstok, Safi the Truthwitch agrees to help the empress uncover a rebellion. But those implicated are killed and Safi becomes desperate for freedom.

War has come once more to the Witchlands. Perhaps if Safi and Iseult were united, their powers could bring peace. But chaos is not easily tamed.

The third instalment in the Witchlands series, Bloodwitch is an thrilling adventure that I struggled to put down. The stakes are ever-higher, the world and its mythology ever-expanding, and I cannot wait for the next book!

The Bloodwitch named Aeduan has intrigued me since Truthwitch so I’ve been looking forward to his book for years. And it did not disappoint! It’s great to finally know — know who he is, know who his parents are, know why he lacks Threads and what he’d endured before he appeared in Safi and Iseult’s lives.

It’s hard to pick a favourite element from this book but Iseult and Owl come close. I love the idea of found-family that one’s Thread-family represent, and it was great to see Owl slowly trust Iseult after trusting Aeduan so easily. Vaness is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters too — I loved all her interactions with Safi and Vivia in this book. And Merik!! Goodness, he went through so much and it was agonising but I’m glad he was able to find some answers.

The rich mythology of this world unfurled a little more with this book. It’s awe-inspiring, Dennard has built the Witchlands to perfection. The lore and the history flow seamlessly – it’s obvious that a lot of thought went into even the tiniest details. I can’t wait to find out more!

I was expecting the revelations in Sightwitch to play a larger part in this book, although I understand the main series has to hold up without the context of the novella. I’m glad I read it though, I think the experience of reading Bloodwitch is made all the richer by Sightwitch.

With the major players are identified and the chess pieces in place, Bloodwitch has set the stage for what seems to be the final battle. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far and am looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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  1. Briana @ Pages Unbound

    I haven’t read Sightwitch, but I am intrigued by the idea it would shed a bit of light on Bloodwitch. I love this series, but there are definitely moments I’m a bit confused by it!

    • Shaheen

      Hi Briana!! Oh yes, there are so many tidbits in Sightwitch, like who Aeduan’s mother is, and what the heck those doors in the mountains are (and why they exist). And the Paladins, so much information on the Paladins! I highly recommend reading it 🙂

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