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November 11, 2014 Discussion 1


Are you part of a book club?

I’ve always wanted to get involved in a book club but haven’t been able to find a bunch of people in my daily life who love books as much as I do. One of the things I love about the bookish community online is that I’ve met so many people who share the same excitement and passion that I do. That translates, naturally, into online book clubs where participants pick a book to read over a month or so and then discuss it online.

We read books and then get to write really long emails to each other about them and discuss them with other friends on Twitter. It feels amazing to share my love of books with like-minded people! I love the idea of hanging out with people every month or so to discuss books, but I spend so much of my life online it feels more natural to bond over books on the internet. I also have trouble reading to a strict schedule, so this arrangement works best for me!

Bookworld, Australia’s leading online store for all things bookish, has an awesome program where they pick a non-commercial Australian Book Club every month and send them a set of books for their next read. Book clubs can even get early copies of books before their release!

It feels really good to know that big companies really care about the people who support them, and what better way for Bookworld to share the love than to help an Aussie book club out?

Members of eligible book clubs simply fill out this form, letting Bookworld know how many members they have, how often they meet, and which genres they enjoy reading the most, and at the end of every month, the wonderful folk at Bookworld pick a winning book club (based on their answers) and send each member a book. I think every book club should apply!

Are you part of a book club? I’d love to know more about it 🙂 And if you’re not we should totally form one! I nominate that we be called ‘Words and Wine Online’.

Thanks to the wonderful folk at Bookworld who helped out with this post.

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