Covens Rising: Episode 2 by Adina West

July 31, 2014 Reviews 2 ★★★½

Covens Rising: Episode 2 by Adina WestCovens Rising: Episode 2 (Dark Child #2.2) by Adina West
Published: July 10th 2014 by Momentum Books
Format: Ebook, 90 pages
Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher
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3.5 Stars

In her dreams, she craved fresh blood. Warm human blood. And her incisors were long, sharp able to bite through a fragile layer of skin with ease. What sort of monster does that make me?

Kat discovers that her presence in Paris isn’t such a secret anymore. But if she has to battle the Directorate again, it seems she’ll have much more support this time. Some of it from the most unlikely sources.

Meanwhile, teenage loner Ben discovers that he has much more in common with Yara Fortes, the girl of his dreams, than he ever hoped. But in a cruel twist of fate, the shared secret that links them together could also get them killed.

Having read The Awakening, I have a better appreciation for what’s happening in this series now.

We left Kat at the end of Episode 1 hiding from the Big Bad Directorate in Paris, away from her Unalil protectors, and getting along with Dominic, who works for the Directorate. In this one episode she meets with Dominic’s employer, and makes a few new friends. Meanwhile, Ben is gearing up to approach Yara about the secret they both share (also, I understand why she’s so important now, her father is Very Important).

I didn’t understand Kat’s motivations in this episode. She met with someone who represents the Big Bad and seemed more concerned about how she was under-dressed for the dinner than actually how she was in danger. She also trusted her safety to Dominic, without even letting her Unalil protectors know what was up. Then she met up with the other group of Shape-shifters.

Kat is also thinking a lot more about Alek and Amarok, so I think they’re about to rear their heads soon. Actually, the way that men treat her is starting to make me uncomfortable – Unalil and Tabérin men are making all these oaths, and they are bound to cause conflicts later. And I really want to know about the bracelets.

Ben and Yara have a more predictable plot-line here, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. Their chapters seem to dominate this Episode, and I didn’t mind, but I am curious to see how it will link up with Kat’s. Ben’s chapters have lack the maturity of Kat’s, and he is very much ah hormonal teenaged boy who has a major crush on the popular girl, who is also half Tabérin.

Again, this episode ends really well and I’m glad I have the next one ready to go!

2 Responses to “Covens Rising: Episode 2 by Adina West”

  1. Kriselda Gray

    At one point while she’s out with Dominic, he comments that she’s acting like she’s on a “blood high,” the implication being that under certain circumstances (for example, if someone drinks too much blood,) it can have an intoxicating effect. There’s also a reference made to how she’s been drinking so much from Jonathan that, in spite of his having a “low blood need,” he’s been having to go out feeding every night to replace what she’s taken, so I took it that she was acting recklessly and impulsively because she was basically stoned or drunk from having ingested too much blood.

    The bracelets are kind of cool and weird at the same time, but once they’re explained, I found I really liked the concept and that part of the story.

    I finished the 5th Episode and can’t wait to see where things are gong to go from there – I just hope it’s not another year before the next episodes are released! 😀

  2. Shaheen


    Well there’s many other idiotic things she does outside of the influence of the blood. I did like her ‘realisation’ of how stupid she’d been in Ep 3 though.

    I have lots to say about Ep 3! The review will be up next week 🙂 I did not like how ignorant she was about the bracelets. “They’re just presents, right?” Kat says, rubbing her two brain cells together and trying to come up with another explanation. *sigh*

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