Covens Rising: Episode 4 by Adina West

August 12, 2014 Reviews 0 ★★★★

Covens Rising: Episode 4 by Adina WestCovens Rising: Episode 4 (Dark Child #2.4) by Adina West
Published: July 24th 2014 by Momentum Books
Format: Ebook, 90 pages
Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher
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4 Stars

Kat brought her eyes back to Amber. “Am I still in danger?” she blurted.
“Of course you are.”

An unexpected visit from Kat’s grandmother adds a shocking twist to the unfolding mystery of her hybrid heritage. Add to this a romantic tangle of epic proportions and Kat’s visit to Akilina’s chateau in the idyllic Loire Valley is shaping up to be anything but relaxing.

Kat’s powers are growing, and with war between the races looming new alliances are being forged. And everyone, it seems, wants Kat on their side …

Episode 4 is my favourite instalment of Covens Rising so far. After my extreme frustration with Kat in the last episode, it was nice to see her acting in ways that made sense to me.

The effects of the blood-high are gone and Kat understands a lot more about her life than she did before, so now she’s spending time recovering and processing all the changes in her life. I like that she’s honest with herself – she recognises there are just things she can’t handle now.

One of my favourite things about this book is that the situation with all those men promising themselves to Kat has to be dealt with: Kat (finally) realises what’s going on and she struggles with the idea. Human society is to geared towards monogamous relationships that she can’t really wrap her mind around all those guys being OK with her scoping out her options. I liked that she was honest with both men involved (Alek and Amarok) and that she gives them both a fair go – I prefer it when love triangles are handled with honesty, and Kat’s very upfront about how she likes both of them in different ways. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Kat really can’t catch a break, however, and this episode shows us that she’s even more special than we’d previously thought. Her grandmother on her mother’s side comes into the picture and basically drops a huge bombshell on everyone and then walks away! I want to get to know this side of Kat’s heritage because it’s fascinating and I think this grandmother will be an awesome character. She’s quite unlikable, but when you stand in her shoes you can see why she’s like that.

Now faced with only one more episode to go, where it looks like the conflict that has been brew in since episode one will finally come to fruition, I feel a little sad. Despite all my raging about Kat, this is an interesting story-world and the characters have wormed their way into my heart. I don’t really want to say goodbye!

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