Covens Rising: Episode 5 by Adina West

September 2, 2014 Reviews 0 ★★★½

Covens Rising: Episode 5 by Adina WestCovens Rising: Episode 5 (Dark Child #2.5) by Adina West
Published: July 31st 2014 by Momentum Books
Format: Ebook, 90 pages
Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher
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3.5 Stars

“We are a proud people, from an ancient lineage. We may be lovers of peace, but we know when to fight for it!” Imara raised her fist. “You wondered if the people who hurt you will pay for it? Hear me now. They will pay.”

Kat’s grandmother seems determined to wrest Kat away from her Taberin friends and allies and bring her back into the family fold a family of untold power stretching back centuries. Kat refuses … but her grandmother isn’t someone who takes no for an answer.

As the hybrid refugees flee the attacks by the Directorate and converge en masse in Paris, and the Families of Power gather their forces across the western world, Kat is fighting her own battle. Her grandmother’s disclosure of her true family heritage has changed everything, and now Kat finds herself heir to not one, but two warring dynasties …

This is the last episode in the 5-part serialisation of Adina West’s Covens Rising, which takes up with Kat right after her grandmother has left the unilal compounds.

I hate Kat’s grandmother. I tried very hard to see things from her point of view but in the end I find it unforgivable that she robbed Kat of all her agency and actively worked against Kat to achieve her ends. And the whole time she’s claiming to love and protect Kat, but all her actions say she doesn’t like or even respect her granddaughter.

Since I didn’t like the grandmother, I also found it difficult to enjoy where the story went. Like I mentioned earlier, Kat didn’t have any agency in this episode. Things happened to her and she was always in the dark. Even after her grandmother had admitted to manipulating her, she was unable to see treachery when it danced in front of her. On one hand, I know that Kat wasn’t given much time to process the things that happened to her, but I dislike these kinds of situations on a fundamental level and disliked even more that the story ended where it did because of the lack of resolution.

I also dislike Dominic. I’ve taken the things he did in this episode rather personally and will not be in a position to forgive him any time soon. Also, the teeny tiny glimpse of Alek we got in this book wasn’t enough 😉

Covens Rising doesn’t deal with everything brought up in the story, which is one of the most disappointing things about it. The Awakening tied things off well while leaving readers wanting more, but Covens Rising simply ends without a resolution!

Reading Covens Rising has been a roller coaster ride. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the world better and seeing it expand, meeting new characters and finally finding out about the oaths and the bracelets. I didn’t like the silly decisions Kat made and then was mollified because she made them in a blood haze. The romances heated up but everyone was open and honest in the love-triangle (love-pentagon?) situation, and the characters are all able to disentangle the exchange of blood with a meaningful relationship. So there’s a lot to love!

I’m looking forward to reading the next book in 2015, but have to express my disappointment in how this one ended. The Dark Child series is great to read nonetheless and I urge everyone who likes a slightly more mature take on paranormal romances to give The Awakening a go.

NOTE: Although both The Awakening (Dark Child #1) and Covens Rising (Dark Child #2) were originally released as serialised novels by Momentum Books, they are now both available in omnibus editions (i.e. not serialised)

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