Cover Reveal: North Star Guide Me Home by Jo Spurrier

February 10, 2014 Bookish 2


Hi!! I’m extremely excited to be exclusively revealing the cover of the third and final book in Jo Spurrier’s Children of the Black Sun series. I’m a huge fan of the series, I love the characters and the world and Jo’s amazing writing.

So, here it is – the gorgeous cover of North Star Guide Me Home:

North Star Guide Me Home Jo Spurrier


It’s GREEN! I love it, it’ll go beautifully with the whites and blues of the previous books. I love that the compass right down the bottom has changed with every book, and each cover evokes a different season (Winter, then Spring, and now Summer), because the weather plays such an important role in the series. The scenery is beautiful, the figure is daunting and you know, with absolute certainty, that awesome things are going to happen in this book.

I can’t wait!

Jo Spurrier is an Aussie author and her books count toward AWW2014 🙂 You may not have heard of this series yet, so here’s a little bit about the first book –

Cover Reveal: North Star Guide Me Home by Jo SpurrierWinter be my Shield (Children of the Black Sun #1) by Jo Spurrier
Published: 01 June 2012 by HarperVoyager
Format: Paperback, 464 pages
Genres: Fantasy
Source: Publisher
Goodreads ● Booktopia ● Bookworld
4 Stars

Sierra has a despised and forbidden gift -- she raises power from the suffering of others. Enslaved by the King's Torturer, Sierra escapes, barely keeping ahead of Rasten, the man sent to hunt her down. Then she falls in with dangerous company: the fugitive Prince Cammarian and his crippled foster-brother, Isidro.

But Rasten is not the only enemy hunting them in the frozen north and as Sierra's new allies struggle to identify friend from foe, Rasten approaches her with a plan to kill the master they both abhor. Sierra is forced to decide what price she is willing to pay for her freedom and her life ...

Ok … so … the buy links are above, my reviews are below (in the Related Posts section), and my job here is done!

What do you think of this cover?

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  1. Rochelle Sharpe

    I love this series! I cannot wait for this book. I am so nervous about what is going to happen after the events in book 2! I love the cover, all the covers have been brilliant! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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