Devil’s Due by Rachel Caine

November 6, 2013 Reviews 1 ★★★★

Devil’s Due by Rachel CaineDevil's Due (Red Letter Days #2) by Rachel Caine
Published: February 1st 2013 by Harlequin
Format: eARC, 304 pages
Genres: Urban Fantasy
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4 Stars

The psychic world will never be the same again...

Lucia Garza is trapped in a supernatural power struggle. To save a friend she adreed to work for sinister psychic organisation The Cross Society. But after a death threat that almost succeeds, she's starting to think they want her out of the way. Forever.

Worse, as Lucia uncovers the society's most dangerous secrets, she discovers that she's being used as a pawn between two warring paranormal factions. Caught in a battle no-one can win, Lucia's only choice could be to go against long told prophecy to destroy both the Cross Socitey and its sworn enemies. But what are the consequences of defying destiny?

A quick refresher: Jazz and Lucia have set up a detective agency, funded by the Cross Society, a secret cabal of psychics who are trying to prevent undesirable realities from coming about. They use people like Jazz and Lucia to do this, and communicate using red letters.

Devil’s Due begins with Ben McCarthy’s exoneration, an ex-cop who Lucia is instantly, almost violently, attracted to. This book narrated from Lucia’s point of view, and I like her so much more than Jazz. Jazz’s impulsiveness and constant anger don’t appeal to me, but Lucia is always calm and professional, and I kind of love her. Ben is awesome, I love how he’s vulnerable, without taking away from his dependable and steady nature. I didn’t get along so much with Jazz’s beau in this book – although I admire James for his loyalty to the Cross Society, I don’t understand how he could stand by and watch Jazz get injured doing what they ask her to, and still believe he’s aiding the greater good.

The plot of this novel is relentless – it just doesn’t stop. Things begin to get very interesting from the onset, and the following adventure has enough secrets, betrayals, guns and explosions to keep anyone happy. I don’t think I truly saw any of the plot-twists coming, but that may have something to do with the fact that I was up until 2 am reading Devil’s Due – I just didn’t want to put it down!

I think is instalment is darker than its predecessor – I don’t recall Devil’s Bargain having such high stakes, but it has been ages since I read it so I might be misremembering. I think that, with the initial awkwardness between Jazz and Lucia gone now, the author could turn the focus on the Cross Society’s motivations and inner workings. I liked getting to know more about them and their enemies in the Eidolon Corporation, although the explanation of the psychic powers using string theory was … interesting, shall we say? I mean, the general idea is correct, but the physicist in me cringes at bad science.

I really liked Devil’s Due, and am disappointed that there aren’t more novels about Jazz and Lucia. I recommend this urban fantasy series to anyone who’s interested in dipping their toes into the genre for the first time.

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  1. Dragana

    You make me regret that I haven’t read Devil’s Due sooner. Devil’s Bargain was average read for me, but you sparked my interest to get back to this series. 🙂

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