Until the End by Abbi Glines

December 5, 2014 Reviews 0 ★★★★

Until the End by Abbi GlinesUntil the End (Sea Breeze #9) by Abbi Glines
Published: March 12th 2015 by Simon & Schuster
Format: Paperback, 304 pages
Genres: Contemporary
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4 Stars

The backstory that fans have been clamoring for - how Rock and Trisha fell in love - is the final installment in the sizzling Sea Breeze series.

Trisha Corbin always knew how to hide a bruise. And as long as it meant her momma's boyfriends wouldn't go near her little brother, Krit, it was worth it. But dreaming that Prince Charming would ever rescue her was pointless.

Rock Taylor always had a plan - a football scholarship for a major college team was within his reach - if he didn't let anything get in his way. But he'd never factored in trying to score a date with Trisha, the hottest girl in Sea Breeze. She was every man's walking fantasy, and she wouldn't even glance his way.

But when he finds her beaten and bruised, Rock knew his life was about to change and that he'd do anything to save Trisha Corbin, and keep her safe.

This special conclusion to the Sea Breeze series also contains the wrap-up stories of all your favourite Sea Breeze couples - the steamy romance won't stop until the very last page!

I bought and read the ebook, but I’ve used the details of the UK paperback for the review.

This is the very last Sea Breeze book, and it takes us into a past to discover the story that inspired all the other happy-ever-afters in the series: Rock and Trish.

Trisha grew up in a very toxic household and always put herself in danger to protect Krit, but when she’s hurt worse than ever before, something’s got to change. And that change comes in the form of gorgeous Rock Taylor, whose been eyeing her for ages but Trish knows he’s bad news.

Their friendship is incredibly sweet, and Rock really comes out to help Trish in a way that none of the other Sea Breeze boys do: they try to fix things with violence or money, but Rock gives his support, friendship, and eventually, love to Trish and Krit. This couple has been there for all the other Sea Breeze relationships, so it was great to see how their story began.

Trish and Rock’s story is told in the form on flashbacks, interleaved with their present day lives where they’re so happy with their kids and their huge family around them.

When their story is finished (about half way through the book), we begin a series of cool epilogues that feature each of the couples from the earlier books in turn. Everyone’s either expecting a baby or about to get married (or already married, or already parents, or both!), but it’s still very sweet. I thought the epilogues about Sadie and Jaxon, and Amanda and Preston, both had unnecessary drama that didn’t add anything to my understanding of the characters. But I liked exploring Jess’ insecurities and seeing Jason convince her he had nothing to worry about, and Cage and Eva’s story was absolutely sweet. Plus the very last one, ten years in the future, well … it blew my mind and I really want to read that story!!

Although the quality of the stories dipped in the middle of the series, the Sea Breeze books have been fun. I’ve liked getting to know these people and discovering their love stories.

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