Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson

November 27, 2014 Reviews 0 ★★★★★

Mitosis by Brandon SandersonMitosis (Reckoners #1.5) by Brandon Sanderson
Published: October 23rd 2014 by Gollancz
Format: Hardcover, 96 pages
Genres: Fantasy
Source: Publisher
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5 Stars

An action-packed Reckoners story from Sunday Times Bestseller Brandon Sanderson that bridges the action in Steelheart with the all new adventure Firefight, in a collectible HB edition.

Steelheart may be dead, but Epics still plague Newcago and David and the Reckoners have vowed to fight back.

This story expertly re-orients readers in the world Sanderson created in Steelheart, and gears us up for the followup which is coming out next year.

Mitosis takes up with David shortly after the end of Steelheart, where the citizens of Newcago are dealing with THE THINGS that happened in the book and the new role that the Reckoners have to fulfil. We also get glimpses of our some of our favourite characters from Steelheart, including Abraham, who hates hot dogs, and Tia, who is still taking care of David and making sure he’s OK.

I love David’s character, especially his unflinching selflessness and his horrible similes and metaphors. David encounters an Epic while going about his usual routine in Newcago, and quickly becomes embroiled in an action-packed adventure that will leave readers breathless. This Epic calls himself Mitosis, and his power is to replicate himself, apparently without limit. With most of Newcago waiting for ‘the other shoe to drop’ and for an Epic to take note of what happened at the end of Steelheart, Mitosis has to be dealt with quickly.

Although short, Mitosis is well paced and is a perfect way to get back into the world of the Reckoners, especially if you (like me) are eagerly awaiting the publication of Firefight. It shows how Newcago has changed but also highlights that everything hasn’t been solved, and there are many more mysteries to unravel about the Calamity and what caused the Epics to be created in the first place. It’s also hinted that there might be something new to learn about the seemingly random weaknesses that the Epics get, which will be cool to explore in later novels.

I’ve really enjoyed Mitosis and am now even more excited about Firefight. I know that fans of Sanderson will devour this book, and that those who have enjoyed Steelheart will love getting back to this world and its characters. If you like YA fantasy then I strongly encourage you to pick up Steelheart – there’s very little chance that you won’t enjoy Sanderson’s work and it will open a door to a world of amazing fantasy fiction.

By the way, I absolutely love that Gollancz has produced this gorgeous hardcover version of the Mitosis with these amazing character profile on some new Epics (who I assume will turn up in Firefight), and an excerpt from Firefight!

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