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January 22, 2014 Bookish 5


I’m continuing my publisher QnA series with Momentum Books Australia today, an imprint of Pan Macmillan Australia.


1. Your official job title is…?

I’m a Digital Marketing Executive with Momentum, the digital-first imprint of Pan Macmillan Australia. Our publisher is Joel Naoum. We publish a lot of different things but mainly romance, speculative fiction, and crime/action thrillers.

2. How long have been in your current position?

Two years in February, I’ve been here since Momentum launched.

3. How did you break into the business?

I came from bookselling, which used to be quite a common way to get into publishing. I was working for Shearer’s, an independent bookseller in Sydney’s inner west, doing lots of work on their social media and website. I saw the position I’m currently in via a tweet one day, applied and got the job! It’s actually one of the easiest getting-into-publishing stories I know of, pretty much everyone else studied for years or interned.

4. What are you reading right now?

For work I’m currently reading a couple of thrillers we have out soon, 8 Hours to Die by JR Carroll and Lethal Metal by Harry Ledowsky. In my downtime I’m almost done with On the Steel Breeze by Alastair Reynolds, who is my favourite modern sci-fi author, and I’ve been catching up with the relaunched Batman comics, specifically the Court of Owls storyline.

5. Do you use NetGalley or Edelweiss?

We’ve been on NetGalley for almost 12 months now.

Find all the books Momentum has on NG here.

6. Do you send out review copies or physical Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) to reviewers?

Yes, we do. We mainly send our ARCs in digital format, although we do have some Print-on-Demand titles so we can send physical copies of those if it’s absolutely necessary.

7. Are there catalogues reviewers can look at online? If so, where can they find them?

Best thing is to check our websites. For our entire list, visit our website and to see our romance titles, visit Momentum Moonlight

8. What should a review request include? Do you have any guidelines reviewers should meet before they contact you (page views, followers, etc.)?

Adding a link to a blog is always good, and an idea of your social media presence and followers. A low number of followers or page views doesn’t mean we’ll deny your request, we just like to have an idea of what to expect from a positive review.

9. Where should potential reviewers send review requests?

Email with Review Request in the subject heading.

10. Do you have a preference for when reviews are posted?

As close to the release date of the book as possible, but that’s not always possible. Because we’re working mainly in digital, our books have a long shelf-life, so reviewers should feel free to request older titles.

11. What is your position on receiving reviews for books you have not sent to a reviewer?

I think it’s brilliant! It means that people are discovering the book, which is what we’re trying to achieve.


Zenith (Books of the Ascension #1) by Dirk Strasser. Released November 1st 2013. Did you, like me, see this on NG and scream WANT?

12. Speculating on SpecFic is all about supporting Aussie authors. Which awesome Aussies do you publish?

In terms of speculative fiction, we publish:

  • Amanda Bridgeman (Aurora: Darwin, Aurora: Pegasus)
  • Nina D’Aleo (The Last City, The Forgotten City)
  • Kylie Scott (Flesh, Skin),
  • Nathan M Farrugia (The Chimera Vector, The Seraphim Sequence)
  • Greig Beck (Valkeryn, This Green Hell, Arcadian Genesis, Black Mountain, The First Bird, Gorgon)
  • Adina West (Dark Child)
  • Graham Storrs (Timesplash, True Path)
  • Charlotte McConaghy (Fury)
  • Daniel Brako (Doors)
  • Dirk Strasser (The Books of Ascension)
  • Louise Cusack (Destiny of the Light series)
  • Josephine Pennicott (Circle of Nine series)
  • Gillian Polack (Ms. Cellophane)
  • GM Hague (Ghost Beyond Earth, A Place to Fear)
  • John Birmingham (Stalin’s Hammer: Rome)
  • MJ Hearle (Claudette in the Shadows)
  • Simon Brown (Chronicles of Kydan series)
  • Trent Jamieson (Death Works 4: The Memory of Death)

The Last City (The Demon War Chronicles #1) by Nina D’aleo. Released August 1st 2012.

13. Any débuts readers should look out for this year?

We’ve supported some wonderful debut authors since we started, including Nina D’Aleo (whose debut The Last City was nominated for an Aurealis Award), Kylie Scott (who just signed a massive international publishing deal with Pan Macmillan), Amanda Bridgeman, Adina West and Nathan M. Farrugia.

We’re still putting together our list for the year (being in digital means we work a lot closer to the release date than traditional publishing does), but we have some exciting things coming up.

Charlotte McConaghy is publishing her first Momentum novel in March. It’s called Fury: Book 1 of The Cure, and it’s set in a world where “negative” emotions are being cured by the government. Josephine Luquet has not responded to the Cure—an immunization against anger mandated by the government. Josi is tormented by the murders she believes she has committed while in a fugue state that comes upon her once a year—when the blood moon is full. This book is raw and full of passion, and we’re very excited for people to discover it. We’re also serializing Fury, releasing it in three parts over three weeks.

In April we have Called by Fire, a new paranormal romance from Delwyn Jenkins. The story follows fire witch Kamryn and Watchtower Knight Alex – two unlikely souls thrown together to try to solve the mystery of one of Kam’s missing classmates in the magical college she attends. The story is light-hearted and provocative, and again, we’re looking forward to readers discovering and falling in love with it.

14. What do you love most about your job, about the Australian publishing world, and book community in general?

I’m very lucky to work with an amazing team and brilliant authors. The great thing about this industry is how supportive it is, everyone wants everyone else to succeed. I love it when the book community embraces something, it’s satisfying because it means we’ve done our job well in delivering something that people love reading.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions 🙂


Momentum are pretty amazing, aren’t they? All that speculative fiction! We’e heard from one of their imprints, and tomorrow, Pan Macmillan AU’s Digital Marketing Executive takes us behind the scenes 🙂

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  1. Cait

    These posts are soooo cool. I’ve always wondered how you get into jobs like these. Really informative! Thanks! 🙂

    • Shaheen

      Hey!! I’m so glad you’re liking them 😀

      It’s quite nerve-wracking for me to introduce new things to the website, and I was very anxious emailing all those publishers. I always tell people everyone in publishing is super-nice, and then promptly forget my own advice when it’s me emailing them! But now we have written proof that they’re all so nice 🙂

      I find all the ‘breaking into the business’ responses fascinating as well – I’m always day-dreaming that someone offered me a bookish job lol.

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