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January 23, 2014 Bookish 1

Today we have Pan Macmillan Australia hopping by as part of the publisher QnA series. Pan Macmillan not only bring out wonderful Australian fiction, but also bring us titles from international publishers like Tor Books, Quercus (Jo Fletcher Books!) and many others.


1. Your official job title is…?

Digital Marketing Executive at Pan Macmillan Australia.

2. How long have been in your current position?

This position, for about four years; Pan Macmillan, ten years.

3. How did you break into the business?

I did a Bachelor of Arts (Communication/Journalism) and a Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing and Editing). While I was at high school, I did photocopying for the Macmillan Education in the holidays, then worked in Customer Service for four years during uni.

4. What are you reading right now?

A few different books…! I’m reading Big Bad Wolf by Nele Neuhaus; Kill Shot by Vince Flynn; and Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch.

5. Do you use NetGalley or Edelweiss?

Not at the moment.

6. Do you send out review copies or physical Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) to reviewers?

Yes, we do.

7. Are there catalogues reviewers can look at online? If so, where can they find them?

We send out a monthly highlights newsletter to reviewers with our upcoming books. If a reviewer wants to be added to this mailing list they can email Alternatively, they can check out the order forms on the Bookseller page on the website.

8. What should a review request include? Do you have any guidelines reviewers should meet before they contact you (page views, followers, etc.)?

A review request should include the book you’re after, your contact details (including mailing address) and the site or publication where your review will be appearing.

9. Where should potential reviewers send review requests?

To our Pan Publicity email –

10. Do you have a preference for when reviews are posted?

This changes case by case, but usually on publication.

11. What is your position on receiving reviews for books you have not sent to a reviewer?

We love hearing what people think of our books!


A Corner of White (The Colours of Madeline #1) by Jaclyn Moriarty. Released January 1st 2014.

12. Speculating on SpecFic is all about supporting Aussie authors. Which awesome Aussies do you publish?

Oh my gosh, we have a huge list of Australian authors. For a little snapshot, though…

Jay Kristoff, Jaclyn Moriarty, Lola Berry, Dianne Blacklock, Deborah Burrows, Liz Byrski, Joy Dettman, Pete Evans, Kathryn Fox, Marion Grasby, Andy Griffiths, Katherine Howell, Matthew Johnstone, Hannah Kent, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Hugh Mackay, Juliet Marillier, John Marsden, Karen Martini, Liane Moriarty, Little Veggie Patch Co, Di Morrissey, Tony Park, Matt Preston, Matthew Reilly, Kylie Scott, Peter Watt, Sarah Wilson, and Markus Zusak.

And here’s some (mostly) international spec-fic recommendations. I’ve read all of these (bar one, as noted):

Limit (Frank Schatzing) (I haven’t read this one…) – You totally should! I dropped it on my face while reading one night though, and it hurt, it’s such a doorstop!
Tower & Knife series (Mazarkis Williams) – I love these!
The Emperor’s Blades (Brian Staveley) – I can’t wait to read this.
The Moontide Quartet (David Hair) – !!!
The Detainee (Peter Liney)
The Demi-Monde series (Rod Rees)
Malice (and Valour, to come) (John Gwynne) – Malice was oh-s0-good. Can’t wait for Valour!


The Emperor’s Blades (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne #1) by Brian Staveley. Released January 16th 2014.

Birthright trilogy (Gabrielle Zevin)
The Finisher (David Baldacci)
Everness series (Ian McDonald) – I just finished the third one, where’s book 4!?
The Ashes Trilogy (Ilsa J Bick) – !!!
The Naturals (Jennifer Lynn Barnes)

13. Any débuts readers should look out for this year?

It’s literary fiction, but keep your eye out for The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. And you should look out for new books from Jo Fletcher (here’s their website if you don’t know them)

It’s no secret that Jo Fletcher Books are one of my absolute favourite publishing houses. Hopefully regular readers are already aware of this, but just in case: go forth and read all their books … I can wait.

14. What do you love most about your job, about the Australian publishing world, and book community in general?

I work with some fantastic people; very talented, hardworking, and creative; but I’m in it for the books 🙂 My days are not spent reading (unfortunately), but there’s still a lot of talking about books, and anyway, that’s what nights are for. The best thing about this industry (and I’m presuming it’s the same in all publishing houses) is that during Friday night drinks, talk inevitably leads to what we’re reading. We’re all hugely passionate about books in general.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions 🙂


The folk at Pan Macmillan Australia are super-awesome, and I love that they bring out the international titles. Now you know all about reviewing for them 🙂

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