Quote from Brandon Sanderson’s “The Way of Kings”

December 24, 2011 Bookish 0

“Now, you were about to explain to me where you learned such skill with a pencil.”

“Practice,” Shallan said. “I should suspect that is how everyone learns, eventually.”

“Wise words again. I am beginning to wonder which of us is the ardent. But surely you had a master to teach you.” 

“Dandos the Oilsworn.”

“Ah, a true master of pencils if there ever was one. Now, not that I doubt your word, Brightness, but I’m rather intrigued how Dandos Heraldin could have trained you in arts, as – last I checked – he’s suffering a rather terminal and perpetual ailment. Namely, that of being dead. For three hundred years.”

Shallan blushed. “My father had a book of his instruction.”

“You learned this,” Kasbal said, lifting up her drawing of Jasnah, “from a book.”

“Er … Yes?”

He looked back at the picture. “I need to read more.”

Taken from the paperback edition of The Way of Kings, Part One”by Brandon Sanderson. The quote is on page 124.

I am reading this book for the first time and am immensely enjoying it! I really hope Kasbal is an important character because he has so much depth already and brings life to the otherwise two-dimensional Shallan. 

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