Requesting books from Australian publishers


So you’ve started a book blog, gathered followers, and passionately want to support authors and publishers and their books. You’ve seen some book bloggers get Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) or review copies from publishers, and are wondering how to request some for yourself. I interviewed publicists from a few Australian publishers so that readers could get an idea of how the process works, but before we get to the publishers, I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt from blogging myself.

Quite a few Australian publishers are using Netgalley now.

Among them are:

Bloggers who are starting out will find it easier to get to know and work with the publishers through Netgalley – it’s how I began as well. It’s a great way to get a few advanced copies and review them for the publishers before trying to expand into print advanced copies and review copies, which are more expensive to produce and distribute.

Most publishers have online catalogues reviewers can go and look at, with the contact details of the relevant publicist in case you want review copies.

They’re usually under menu items such as “information for booksellers”, “media” or similar. Very helpful things. Here are a few direct links:

Penguin Australia and Simon & Schuster AU send their catalogues regularly through email, and you are automatically added to their mailing list when your review request is successful.

Review requests to publishers should include a link to the blog, reasons why you’re requesting the title, any relevant statistics (followers, page views, etc.), and your mailing address.

Review requests should always initially be sent to the general contact email address. These are found under Contact Us on websites – you’re looking to send it to the Publicity or Media departments. If your request is accepted, a publicist will email you back, and that person becomes your contact for future requests.

It’s considered a little rude to ask other bloggers who their contacts are, and most won’t give you a publicist’s personal email address.

Here are a few email addresses for Australian publishers:

Reviews should be posted around 2 weeks before the publication date, or up to 6 weeks after.

Technically reviews can be posted at any time, but publishers send books to reviewers to increase exposure, which should peak around the release date.

If I miss this window (which happened often last year because I basically took half the year off from blogging but the review books kept coming in), I try to schedule the review around the release of the book in a new format (e.g. the paperback release) or just before a sequel comes out (so the prequel gets a little exposure to encourage new readers to the series).

You can check out all the publisher QnAs here 🙂