Slammed by Colleen Hoover

August 15, 2013 Reviews 1

Slammed by Colleen HooverSlammed (Slammed #1) by Colleen Hoover
Published: 18th September 2012 by Simon & Schuster
Format: Paperback, 317 pages
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
Source: Library
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Layken's father died suddenly, leaving her to gather every ounce of strength to be a pillar for her family, in order to prevent their world from falling apart. Now her life is taking another unexpected turn…

Layken's mother gets a job which leads to an unwanted move across country. However, a new home means new neighbours… and Layken's new neighbour is the very attractive Will Cooper.

Will has an intriguing passion for slam poetry, and a matching passion for life. The two feel an irresistible attraction but are rocked to the core when a shocking revelation brings their romance to a screeching halt.

Layken and Will must find a way to fight the forces that threaten to tear them apart… or learn to live without each other.

A gorgeous, emotional read, Slammed is one of the best new adult contemporaries I have ever read. It’s not some silly YA story with some sex and violence and illness added in, it’s a real, heartbreaking story of two people who have so much to lose. This amazing story about Lake and Will riveted me, and I raced through it, and the sequel, Point of Retreat, in one day.

I loved reading from Lake’s point of view – she’s an incredible girl: strong, stubborn, radiant, someone who values her family and friends. I think the author does a wonderful job of creating a character everyone can identify with – the tragic death of her father doesn’t alienate readers. When she meets Will, the connection is instant and binding, and whereas I’ve felt exasperated at how quickly some bookish relationships progress, their interactions felt raw.

And Will. I think I’m in love.

The other refreshing thing about Slammed are the secondary characters, and the relationships that they have with one another. Lake’s mother is supportive, attentive and always there for her children, and her younger brother made me laugh so much. The friends she makes at school are also great, because they stick around through everything and aren’t ever relegated to the background because the romance needs more airtime.

And the romance, the sweet, cuddly, cute, hot romance. Oh, how I laughed and cried, right along with Lake and Will. I didn’t see their struggles coming, so the full force of it hit me like a train, and it was great! I hate predictable books. Although their lives are hard, and they see more misfortune and despair than many of us will see throughout our whole lives, Slammed isn’t morbid or dark. Actually, there are many moments that are surprisingly light interspersed cleverly throughout the darkness.

So there, I don’t think I have any more praises to sing. Slammed is great, and readers looking for a change in scenery will enjoy it. Go forth and read!


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  1. Lanaia

    I’m not really into YA/NA contemporary romance, but I liked Slammed, too! I like to read outside my comfort zone once in a while and I’m glad I picked up Slammed. Great review!

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