Ten by James Phelan

May 14, 2014 Reviews 0 ★★★

Ten by James PhelanTen (The Last Thirteen #4) by James Phelan
Published: 1st March 2014 by Scholastic
Format: Paperback, 192 pages
Genres: Science Fiction
Source: Publisher
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3 Stars

An unexpected saviour ensures Sam lives to continue his search for the last 13.

His next all-too-real nightmare leads him to Paris and the Council of Dreamers. With Solaris seemingly one step ahead of Sam's every move, unlikely alliances form. Treasure beyond belief beckons, while tragedy strikes at the very heart of the Academy.

Will Sam and his friends survive and stay ahead of the game, or is the world doomed?

This book nice change of pace from the earlier ones in the series. Ten focusses more on the dangers that beset the team rather than simply a quest to an exotic location to find a new dreamer and new piece of the machine.

Ten takes Sam and the Professor to Paris to meet with both the Council of Dreamers, and conveniently this is where Zara, the newest dreamer that Sam has dreamt about, lives. I think the Parisian setting was exciting, and it was certainly very cool to have the protagonists do some of the things they did (like jumping off the Eiffle Tower!).

I’m enjoying the way the author is building on the Enterprise and the Academy as the series goes on. We’re finding out more with each book and it’s great to have two nuanced forces rather than just labelling one good and one evil. I like the examination of the ideologies both groups have. Alex really helps in this regard because he’s been enfolded into the Enterprise and you can tell through his experiences that they aren’t horrible and they could really help Sam and the other dreamers out.

Sam. He’s so horrible to Eva! I know he didn’t mean it, but wow. It’s quite unfair that he dismissed her in the way that he did. I’ve found that Sam consistently has no problems taking the male dreamers out on missions with him, but he wants the female dreamers like Eva and Gabriella at the Academy all safe and sound. This won’t allow them to become the heroes they could be. Although Eva really stepped up in this novel and showed us why Sam is wrong in overlooking her. Hopefully the girls get more of a role soon!

The books continue to be a little flat plot-wise, with Ten using the same formulaic approach as the rest: Sam dreams about the next dreamer, he goes out to meet them and finds a piece of the puzzle, is cornered by Solaris only to escape (usually not because of his own actions). It would be really awesome later books ended with something else for a change, or if he failed to find one of the dreamers and the Enterprise got there first. Although he has lost quite a few pieces of the machine to Soalris now.

I liked Ten, and can’t wait to see where Sam gets to go next in Nine and Eight!The Last Thirteen is an action packed adventure that fans of Conspiracy 365 and The 39 Clues will love.

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