The Last Place by Michael Adams

August 5, 2015 Reviews 0 ★★★★

The Last Place by Michael AdamsThe Last Place (The Last Trilogy #3) by Michael Adams
Published: April 1st 2015 by Allen & Unwin
Format: Paperback, 400 pages
Genres: Post Apocalyptic
Source: Publisher
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4 Stars

By the glow of the instrument panel, I see my face reflected in the darkened window. ‘My God,’ she says. ‘Who are you?’ It’s what I've been asked before. I don’t know the answer.

Danby is desperately fighting to save the last of humanity.

But with Jack’s sinister influence more powerful than ever, Danby’s one hope for freeing his minions - and her little brother - seems lost. The only option now for the few survivors not under Jack’s control is escape.

Danby will also have to confront a danger much closer to home as she finds that she may have risked her own sanity in her ferocious battle to live. Embracing a brutal warrior code might save Danby's life, but the price is high.

In the explosive final act of the Last Girl trilogy, Danby must save who she can, even if it means abandoning hope for her last remaining family. With soldiers, marauders and toxic bushfires closing in, she has no choice but to fight before she can take flight.

The Last Place is the fast-paced, intense, and thrilling conclusion to a spellbinding trilogy. Michael Adams has achieved what few authors can – a thoughtful and enthralling exploration of humanity and the human psyche in the face of an apocalyptic disaster.

On Christmas Day humans across the world were hit with The Snap – the sudden onset of distance-limited telepathy which drove people insane. Overloaded with emotions, those affected quickly shut down and became catatonic, revivable only through injections of chemicals. Danby is one of the few who can read the thoughts of others but cannot be read herself, and so is Nathan. Then there’s Jack, who can revive people at the cost of taking over their mind so that they are Jack.

Danby has come a long, long way since we met her in The Last Girl. She’s seen and been through so much, she’s been forced to become a ruthless survivalist, forced into a game of kill or be killed against the Jacks. She’s tough, she’s unapologetic about the difficult decisions she’s had to make since The Snap, and she’s quickly becoming deranged. The reader will spent much of the book questioning Danby and her sanity, and I think Adams has written this tension brilliantly.

The Last Place is told in a THEN and NOW format. Although it focusses on Danby three months after The Last Shot, the novel also shows us what happened to her in the intervening time. The book doesn’t make this clear, however, and I was very confused until I figured it out four chapters in. Danby has changed radically since we last saw her and this device allows us to understand how and why. It was the perfect way to tell this story.

The realism in this series has always impressed me – Adams has put a lot of thought into what life would be like after The Snap. It’s not just the bodies rotting in cars and living rooms, it’s the untouched food stashes and pharmacies, the difficulty in getting guns and ammo (we’re not in America!), the isolation that eats at Danby and Nathan on their journey. One of my favourite things about this series has always been its setting – Sydney! I know the places Danby describes, sometimes intimately, and the experience of reading these books has been enhanced because of this. The Last Place is set in the barren country between the Blue Mountains, Richmond, and the Central Coast, with most of the action taking place in and around Port Macquarie. The author describes the landscape vividly and I don’t think readers will have any trouble imagining the terrain that Danby and Nathan cross.

It’s been a great experience to read a post-apocalyptic series set in Australia, and I have enjoyed my journey with Danby a lot. Fans of John Marsden’s Tomorrow When the War Began will devour this series, and I highly recommend it to readers looking for apocalyptic survival stories with a twist.

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