The One Impossible Labyrinth by Matthew Reilly

October 16, 2021 Reviews 0 ★★★

The One Impossible Labyrinth by Matthew ReillyThe One Impossible Labyrinth (Jack West Jr #7) by Matthew Reilly
Published: October 12th 2021 by Pan Macmillan AU
Format: Hardcover, 416 pages
Genres: Fantasy, Thriller/Mystery
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3 Stars


Jack West Jr has made it to the Supreme Labyrinth.

Now he faces one last race - against multiple rivals, against time, against the collapse of the universe itself - a headlong race that will end at a throne inside the fabled labyrinth.


But the road will be hard.

For this is a maze like no other: a maze of mazes. Uncompromising and complex. Demanding and deadly.


It all comes down to this.

For it ends here - now - in the most lethal and dangerous place Jack has encountered in all of his many adventures. And in the face of this indescribable peril, with everything on the line, there is only one thing he can do.

Attempt the impossible.

Fun, action-packed and imaginative, The One Impossible Labyrinth completes the journey that began with The Seven Ancient Wonders.

The book is predictable at times, and a little heavy-handed on the Heroism and Selflessness that Jack West Jr embodies, but gives a sense of closure to fans who’ve been with Jack for sixteen years. I’ve returned to these books often, the magic of the first three never seems to fade!

Jack West Jr has only days to complete the Supreme Labyrinth and save the universe from The Great Crunch. I think that Reilly pushes the action too far in his pursuit for ever-higher stakes, more destruction and heightened drama. The narrative, rather than being thrilling, feels over-the-top, tending towards ridiculous. The book is short, leaving the action feeling rushed (and not just because it takes space over such a short time). The explanation, which underpins the entire mythology of this series, felt unfinished and somewhat nonsensical.

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The One Impossible Labyrinth is an enjoyable read (I finished it in one sitting) and I think Reilly has accomplished something amazing with this series. The first three books are the strongest in my opinion, with the final four enjoyable but lacking some of the heart of the first three. The relationships and world building of the Jack West Jr have kept me coming back for more with each new release.

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