Waiting on Wednesday 55

October 2, 2013 Bookish 4

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine that allows readers to showcase eagerly awaited upcoming releases.

This week I’ve picked The Cormorant by Chuck Wendig

Miriam is on the road again, having transitioned from “thief” to “killer”.

Hired by a wealthy businessman, she heads down to Florida to practice the one thing she’s good at, but in her vision she sees him die by another’s hand and on the wall written in blood is a message just for Miriam.

She’s expected…

Chuck Wendig blew me away with the first Miriam Black novel, Blackbirds, and I’ve been hooked on this gritty, violent, pulls-no-punches urban fantasy ever since. Miriam freaks me out a little: she can see a person’s death by touching them, and uses the power to survive in a harsh, unforgiving world. She’s always getting herself into the most dangerous situations imaginable, but there’s something about the writing of the series, and Miriam herself, that keeps me coming back for more. I can’t wait to see what kinds of trouble Miriam has gotten embroiled in this time, and what tricks she pulls to get out.

The Miriam Black series by Chuck Wendig

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I’d love to see what you are waiting on … please leave links and I’ll be sure to check them out!

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