Australian Women Writers Reading Challenge – 2013 Roundup

December 13, 2013 Bookish 0

It’s that time of year again – yearly round-up posts! You’ll be seeing more of these than actual reviews on the website since end of year deadlines are eating me alive and also, I love round-ups!

This was my second year participating in the Australian Women Writers Reading Challenge (AWW for short), and although I still detest the name (too long, and I never want to be known as a ‘woman scientist’, so I refuse to call anyone else a ‘woman writer’), I think it’s been a roaring success!

I increased my involvement in the challenge this year by becoming a contributing editor/curator for the challenge, and I chose my area of speciality as YA speculative fiction. I’ve very much enjoyed this aspect of my involvement: writing up monthly wrap-ups of the books reviewed in my category, and raising awareness in whatever ways I could. I am looking forward to continuing my involvement next year 🙂

I did very well this year with this challenge (if I say so myself) – I challenged myself to read a total of ten female and ten male Australian authors this year, and I read 14 female authors and 7 male authors. For next year, I will really try to reach my goal of ten each – but I want to point out how much easier it is to read female authors in speculative fiction: female authors are quite well represented in this field in Australia.

In terms of books, I read a grand total sixteen books by Australian women:

  1. Tara Moss (The Spider Goddess, The Skeleton Key)
  2. Karen Healey (When We Wake)
  3. Marianne Curley (Hidden)
  4. Rachael Johns (Jilted)
  5. Jessica Shirvington (Between the Lives)
  6. Allyse Near (Fairytales for Wilde Girls)
  7. Isobelle Carmody (The Red Wind, The Cloud Road)
  8. Jo Spurrier (Black Sun Light My Way)
  9. Nicola Marsh (Banish)
  10. K. J. Taylor (The Shadowed Throne)
  11. Ellie Marney (Every Breath)
  12. Sophie Masson (Scarlet in the Snow)
  13. Jennifer Fallon (The Dark Divide)
  14. Amie Kaufman (These Broken Stars)

and nine books by Australian men:

  1. Sean Williams (Troubletwisters, The Monster, The Mystery of the Golden Card, Jump)
  2. Garth Nix (Troubletwisters, The Monster, The Mystery of the Golden Card)
  3. Duncan Lay (Valley of Shields)
  4. Jay Kristoff (Kinslayer)
  5. Michael Adams (The Last Girl)
  6. Lee Battersby (The Corpse-Rat King)
  7. Max Barry (Lexicon)

I love supporting Australian authors, and this challenge is a wonderful way for me to structure my reading – I want to try and equalise the playing field in any way I can 🙂

Australian Science Fiction Reading Challenge

I also, rather ambitiously, challenged myself to read four science fiction books by Australian authors, as per the Aussie Science Fiction Reading Challenge hosted by my great friend Tsana at Tsana’s Reads and Reviews.

I really didn’t think I did very well, but looking back, I’m rather proud! When We Wake by Karen Healey and These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner are science fiction, and I can also count Lexicon by Max Barry and The Last Girl by Michael Adams. 

So yay, I did well there too! Maybe next year I can try for three Aussie science fiction books each for male and female authors?

How did your AWW2013 challenge go? Will you be participating next year?

Challenge sign-ups for 2014 will start soon, methinks.

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