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April 6, 2015 Blog Tour 2

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Apocalypse fiction rarely includes characters with disability, chronic illness and other impairments. When these characters do appear, they usually die early on, or are secondary characters undeveloped into anything more than a burden to the protagonist. Defying Doomsday will be an anthology showing that disabled characters have far more interesting stories to tell in post-apocalyptic/dystopian fiction.

Defying Doomsday will be edited by Tsana Dolichva and Holly Kench, and published by Twelfth Planet Press in mid 2016. Defying Doomsday will be funded via a Pozible campaign, with the assistance of a Crowbar grant from Arts Tasmania. The campaign will run from April 1 2015 to May 1 2015, with a funding goal of $13,000 to cover production costs, reward items, and the funds to pay authors a professional market rate. To support the project visit:

I’m really excited about this anthology, and not only because it’s being edited by friends! I think the vision is great and I hope that it raises awareness about disability and visibility in fiction. I have Tsana hopping by today for a guest post on the jobs that would be useful in an apocalypse.

What Kind of Apocalypse Would You Survive?

by Tsana Dolichva

The other day when I was driving to work, the song “The Fall” by Peter and the Wolf came on. It’s a song about the end of the world and the lyrics, which are pretty clearly sung (always a plus), ask the question: “Who were you before the fall?”. The basic idea is, when the world ends our pre-apocalypse jobs are probably going to become meaningless.

Now, it’s not a perfect song and I had some issues with it, but the idea behind it got me thinking. How many of our present-day jobs will help us survive a post-apocalyptic scenario?

My first job involved a lot of scanning and filing things which I can’t really see coming in handy anywhere other than another office. My current job involves modelling what’s happening to distant stars, which is also probably not that useful in and of itself, but it did require many years of education. A general knowledge of physics and a basic knowledge of chemistry would probably be useful but I can’t help but feel that medicine or nursing would be more helpful. Although I could probably set up a water pump if needed. Maybe if electronics was more my strong suit I’d be able to salvage whatever survived the disaster but, well, it’s not.

People with survival training are probably the best off for obvious reasons, but those aren’t the only useful skills. I think organisational skills are often overlooked when thinking about surviving the apocalypse. You don’t just need a food and water supply, you probably need to ration it and it’s probably going to be most efficient to divide up tasks. So maybe there is a post-apocalyptic use for those managerial skills, but agricultural knowledge might keep you alive for longer.

About Tsana Dolichva

Tsana Dolichva is a Ditmar Award­nominated book blogger. She is editing the anthology Defying Doomsday with Holly Kench, the managing editor of Visibility Fiction. As editors and readers of science fiction, who also live with disability and chronic illness, Tsana and Holly have often noticed the particular lack of disabled or chronically ill characters in apocalypse fiction. They are excited to share Defying Doomsday, an anthology showing that people with disability and chronic illness also have stories to tell, even when the world is ending.

What skills do you have that could be useful during an apocalypse? What kind of apocalypse would you be most suited to surviving?

To support the anthology or to preorder a copy of Defying Doomsday, visit: Your support is greatly appreciated! You can find out more about Defying Doomsday at the website or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Joan Albright

    I’ve got it all. Wilderness first aid, gardening, campfire skills, soap making, and from-scratch cooking. I’d be just fine until my medicine ran out. 😛

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