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June 30, 2013 Bookish 7

Hey guys!

Earlier in the year it became abundantly clear that my book-buying-thing (NOT a problem) was getting a bit … much. Having filled up my existing bookshelves, shelves inside wardrobes and the linen closet, I started putting my books into boxes. Six large boxes later, we realised I really need a new bookshelf.

We purchased a lovely new bookshelf yesterday, and I took a few photos of it, and then decided to take photos of the other shelves so that I can show my wonderful readers what they look like. I was also asked earlier this week how I arrange my shelves, so I thought I’d go into that as well.

Arranging My Books

I’m a visual person, so I arrange my books so that they’re aesthetically pleasing. This means the books on each shelf progressing in size-order. I also like books belonging to a series, or by the same author, to appear together, which is sometimes at odds with the size arrangement because I can’t always get a whole series in the same size. I manage to get around it sometimes by having the series at a boundary where the books transition from trade paper-backs to mass-market paperbacks.

Arranging My Shelves

I have three main bookshelves:

  1. Books I received for review and haven’t read yet
  2. Books I’ve purchased and haven’t read yet
  3. Books I’ve read, which I will either re-read, or I’m keeping the books because the series isn’t complete yet. If I’m sure I won’t re-read a completed series, I donate it to a local charity, Lifeline, who hold a book fair twice a year to raise money.

Bookshelf 1: To Review

This bookshelf is arranged by publisher, then by size, as far as I can make it. Strictly speaking, not every book on there is provided for review by a publisher: with most of the series displayed there, the publisher has offered up either the most recent title, or the first of the series, and then I’ve bought the rest of the books with the intent of reviewing them together. Some books weren’t even provided by the publisher, because they ran out of, or didn’t have a budget for, review copies, but I still want to review the book for them so they’re on this shelf.

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Bookshelf 2: To Read (books I’ve purchased)

This bookshelf is the new one. I have a very bad habit of picking up books I want to read and then never actually reading them. The shelves are arranged firstly by whether the books are YA or not, and then by size.


High Fantasy trade paperbacks are at the top. I’ve read the GRRM books already, I’m hoping to re-read them, so they’re right at the top where they can make me feel guilty every day.


Then a shelf of Fantasy mass-market paperbacks of which I have complete series, followed by a shelf of YA (complete and incomplete) series.


Then more Fantasy mass-market paperbacks where I only own one or two books of a series, and then two shelves with a mix of YA titles, of which I don’t own more than the first book of the series.


Bookshelf 3: Read (books I’m keeping to re-read or because the series isn’t complete)

I read a lot of series, so this shelf had to be arranged to reflect where the YA series is up to.

So the first shelf contains incomplete Fantasy series, and the second contains books that are the first in their series, where the sequels are either unreleased, or I haven’t read them yet.


The third shelf is home to books where I have read the first two books of a series, and we’re still waiting on more books. Since most SFF/YA exists in trilogies, after the third book is released and I’ve read it, I usually donate it to charity. The last shelf is for books in longer series that are ongoing, and a selection of Terry Brooks’ books (I’m trying to catch up, since I stopped reading after the Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy and now there are like three or four new trilogies after it?).


Writing this post has made me feel really guilty for all the unread books! ANY-ways, I hope you enjoyed this virtual bookshelf tour! How many bookshelves do you have? How do you arrange your books? What do you do with your books if you know you aren’t going to re-read them?

7 Responses to “Bookshelf Tour!”

  1. Captain Bec (@Ransom_Reads)

    I love looking at other peoples bookshelves and how they’re organised.

    I have 2 (overflowing) bookshelves. One for books I haven’t read and the other for books I’ve read. I used to organise the read books by author then series, but when I started running out of space I switched to size. Right of this moment there is no organisation because we bought a shelf we thought was a bookshelf but wasn’t so all the books I took of my shelves just got shoved back in. and there’s a lot because I can’t part with books I own. My to read shelf is sort of organised in the order I plan on reading them but I don’t always stick to…

  2. Kim @ TwoGirlsandaNovel

    I used to have 3 bookshelves of varying sizes, but they didn’t work well, so my dad and I built bigger shelves for me. They’re getting a bit too full, so I’m going to have to extend them sometime this year.

    I have almost no system for shelving, other than keeping the same books from the same series together. I try to keep the books from the same author together, but it really only worked for Tamora Pierce, especially when I’m running out of space again.

    I’m terrible. Even if I’ve got doubles, unloved books or books I’m not going to read again, I can’t seem to give them up. My top shelves are full of books I don’t really care about and doubles, piled on top of each other (including my TWO spare sets of the first 3 Twilight books…yep, I have 3 sets) I really have to learn to part with those books because they just take up too much space. Or I have to put them in a box under the house…they might work too.

  3. Briana


    I just organize books into fiction and nonfiction shelves, then split my fiction into hardcover and paperback, then organize by author last name. I don’t separate by read and to read because that sounds like a lot of shuffling of books. 😉

    I used to be a book hoarder and would keep anything, but I’ve acquired a lot of books since starting blogging and then having an editorial internship last summer (seriously. I walked away from New York with A LOT of books), I’ve begun donating the ones I didn’t really like / know I won’t reread / don’t think anyone else I know will want to read. Mostly they go to charities. I have given away a few to friends who thought they might like them.

  4. Tsana

    Crazy! I use this nutty system called alphabetic order. In Melbs everything is just alphabetic and some YA and kids books are on their own shelf. In Sweden I have a TBR and a have read shelf. Also in alphabetic order *gasp* ;-p

  5. Micheline (@MissMimz)

    I’m the same: I love seeing other people’s bookshelves and how they set everything up. Like you, I separate my books into read (meaning favorites, books I plan to re-read) and unread. The one’s I’ve bought but have yet to read are on top of a bookshelf that doubles as a cabinet for random thinks *ahem junk* in the living room. My review books that are coming up soon have their own cubby in that same shelf and the others are kind of everywhere in stacks…especially since the recent BEA additions. Long story short, I need new bookshelves/bookcases too >.< I'll be honest, most of your pictures made me flat out drool. So many pretties ♥ Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading and looking at this post haha

  6. KateB

    I love how organized they are. I often just put books wherever they fit.

    And I loved seeing all the books on your shelves that I recognize!

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