Covens Rising: Episode 3 by Adina West

August 5, 2014 Reviews 2 ★★★½

Covens Rising: Episode 3 by Adina WestCovens Rising: Episode 3 (Dark Child #2.3) by Adina West
Published: July 17th 2014 by Momentum Books
Format: Ebook, 90 pages
Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher
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3.5 Stars

The hunger was worse every day, and now there was only a whisper-thin line holding her back from a dark red sea.
“You would feed me?” Her voice came out so husky and low that it was a wonder he heard her.

In Paris, Kat hears of horrifying events back in the States. The leader of the Directorate is openly attacking those with mixed Taberin and human blood. Hybrids like her. And chances are he’ll be turning his attention to Europe next.

Kat knows she needs to go into hiding again. But then her Taberin aunt, Akilina, reveals something about Kat’s heritage that changes everything. If Akilina is right, the Directorate will stop at nothing until they have eradicated Kat and the threat she represents. No matter how many they have to kill to get to her …

As the threat from the Directorate intensifies, Ben and Yara barely escape the US with their lives. But being trapped together on a boat bound for Europe could prove much more dangerous than anticipated. Because one of them is in transition, and needs to feed.

I’m getting sick of Kat. I can’t stand how thoughtless she is, I just want step inside the pages of these ebooks and slap her silly. Maybe rattle her neurones into action.

Alek comes back in this episode (yay!), because Kat sent Amarok a message and Alek was the closest pack member who could help her. Kat’s aunt Akilina also makes an appearance, and recognises that maybe keeping a newly found half Taberin princess completely in the dark about her heritage and powers is a Very Bad Idea.

The two of them waste no time detailing all the stupid decisions Kat has made over the last 48 hours, which was pretty gratifying to watch, but I also thought they were being way too harsh on her considering no one had sat her down to explain anything to her. Also, it turns out she was on a blood-high: the large amounts of blood she was taking from Jonathan were literally addling her mind.

In the last episode Kat met with a representative from the Directorate (all alone, no protection) and accepted a bracelet from him, and another from his lackey, Dominic. Then she got on a train and was surrounded by the unalil pack of the man she’d saved that morning, who gave her yet another bracelet and pledged his loyalty to her. All these men have pledged themselves left, right, and centre to Kat, and they’ve even subtly (and not very subtly) offered themselves up as sources of blood (and other exciting night time activities).

Alek gave Kat a bracelet in The Awakening, and she’s been proudly wearing it and playing with it when she thinks of him. Then, over the space of 24 hours, she receives three other bracelets from three complete strangers. Ms Cement-for-a-Brain never thinks that these bracelets signify something. EVEN I COULD TELL SOMETHING WAS GOING ON HERE KAT.

I would have had some shred of respect left for her if she’d asked Akilina about them, but her reaction to the accusation that she’s been accepting promises from all those men (and she HAS been, she’s told them all she’s keeping their offers in mind) is “I accepted bracelets from them. They’re just gifts … aren’t they?”


So I spent most of this episode being apoplectic with Kat.

I’ve also lost my taste for Ben and Yara’s passages. They’re not exciting and so predictable that it sucks all the fun out of it.

I’ve read Episode 4 and I’m hoping to get approved for Episode 5, but if Kat continues to be like this then I can’t see myself liking them either.

2 Responses to “Covens Rising: Episode 3 by Adina West”

  1. Kriselda Gray

    Wow! If I didn’t know better, I’d think we’d read 2 different books ;D. That’s one of the fun things about the arts, however. Everyone can have their own view on something and no one else can truly claim that they are “wrong.” (Not that people don’t try, mind you, it’s just that they don’t quite get it IMO)

    When I was reading this episode, initially I was rather exasperated with Kat for acting stupidly, but then I got to thinking about everything she had been through in the last few weeks: discovering her biology isn’t entirely normal, beginning to find herself doing things subconsciously that she never done before, leaving her life in rural areas to move to an urban area for the first time in her life, learning there are nonhuman creatures in the world who look like humans but just aren’t, finding out she maybe be becoming one of these creatures – and not just any one, but creature royalty, discovering family she didn’t know she had, being chased, learning her life is in danger… She just kept getting hit after hit after hit with circumstances and events she wasn’t expecting or ready for – and which had left her feeling trapped in a situation she had done nothing to create. She was stuck mostly sitting around waiting while everyone else determined her fate and had started feeling confused, bitter, angry, in someways grieving her former life, and wanting to rebel against this soft prison these people had built around her – and, on top of all that, she was on a blood high – something she’d never experienced before and wasn’t aware could happen. So when she started making really stupid decisions, I could understand why she might. If I had my life turned completely upside down and inside out, and discovered that I didn’t even really know who – or what – I was, and had unknowingly taken something that promotes becoming uninhibited, I think I probably would make some pretty foolish choices myself.

    I can see your point, though. She should be smart enough to figure out when things around her are somewhat “off” and even if she doesn’t understand what the bracelets mean, shouldn’t necessarily be taking expensive gifts from strangers, etc.

    in any event! I really enjoyed the series and am looking forward to the next batch of episodes :).

    I just read the first book in Terah Edun’s new “Sarath Web” series, titled “Accession.” The book started off kind of awkwardly, this it seems to get better as it went along – though there was a lot to left open at the end – more so then I would typically expect even in a book with planned sequels – but for the most part I enjoyed it. It was a very fast read, however.

    • Shaheen

      Wow! What a long comment 🙂 Thanks for hopping by again.

      Yes, the fourth instalment made it all better, and I can see where you’re coming from. At the end of episode three I was all kinds of angry at Kat, but episode four went a long way to making the situation better.

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