Cover Reveal: Troubletwisters Book 4 by Garth Nix and Sean Williams

February 3, 2014 Bookish 0

Today I get to share the AU, UK and US covers of the fourth instalment in Garth Nix and Sean Williams’ Troubletwisters series. This MG series is a lot of fun – featuring a pair of twins who have cool powers that always get them into trouble, and it’s written by two of the strongest names in Australian speculative fiction.

Without further ado, the covers! (In order: Australia, UK, and US)

Missing, Presumed Evil Cover Nix Williams The Missing UK Cover Nix Williams The Missing US Cover Nix Williams

The next book in the gripping series from the fantasy masters … Magical twins, mystery and danger, unexplained events, and an Evil that refuses to be contained.

Twins Jaide and Jack Shield are finally settling into their roles as troubletwisters when an unexpected plea for help arrives from Grandma X’s twin Lottie, who they discover has been trapped in the realm of The Evil for over forty-five years.

The rescue becomes urgent when the twins find out about Project Thunderclap, a plan to neutralise the threat of the Evil permanently, sealing the gaps between the two worlds—and trapping Lottie on the other side forever.

As Jaide and Jack struggle through a series of examinations to become senior troubletwisters, they must also find a way to save Lottie. But nothing goes as planned, and soon Jack finds himself lost in The Evil dimension.

Can the twins learn to control their growing powers and get everyone safely home to Portland?

Expected publication: May 1st 2014 by Allen & Unwin (AU) || April 29th 2014 by Scholastic Press (US)

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The Australian and UK editions are called Missing, Presumed Evil, while the US edition is entitled The Missing, in keeping with the shorter titles of those editions.

My thoughts: I love the Australian cover, but I have to admit the skulls on the other two lend it a creepier feel, which seems appropriate as the story gets darker and more dangerous. The Australian one doesn’t feel dire enough. I really like all of them though – I just wish ours had skulls too (or does ours have one, and I can’t see it?)

Here are the Australian covers of the earlier three books in the series! Links to my reviews are in the Related Posts section 🙂

I think this series is perfect for younger readers, or those just coming into YA speculative fiction. You should give them a try, and support two awesome Aussies while you’re at it!

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