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October 18, 2013 Bookish 3

Hi guys! Jennifer Fallon, acclaimed Australian author and all-round awesome lady, has kindly agreed to an interview to celebrate the release of Reunion, the third book in the Rift Runners series:

Interview with Jennifer FallonReunion (Rift Runners #3) by Jennifer Fallon
Published: October 1st 2013 by HarperVoyager
Format: Paperback, 496 pages
Genres: Fantasy
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Ren of the Undivided and his half-Faerie companion Trása must find a way to stop the Matrachai, who want to eliminate every magical race in existence.

Only the Undivided hold the key to stopping them, and even the Faerie Brethren have turned to Ren for assistance.

With the help of the Pete and Logan Doherty, the human twins stranded with them, Ren must find a way to save them all, especially his twin brother Darragh.

1. Has it been emotional to finish off the Rift Runners series? Do you think you will eventually return to these characters and their worlds?

Not really. I always have so many other projects that I want to write than when I reach the end of any book I’m usually thinking “oh goodie, now I can go play somewhere else”. I have no plans to go back there at the moment (too many other stories to write) but I’ve learned never to say never.

2. Have you more in common with Ronan or Darragh?

Both characters come from my head, so there are parts of me in both of them.

3. One of my favourite things about the Rift Runners series is the balance you achieve between the worlds: our contemporary world, Celtic Druidic Britain, and the alternate reality where feudal Japan reigns. Does your writing process change according to which world you are writing about? Do you change the music you listen to or where you write to create different atmospheres?

I never play music when I’m writing. It distracts me. I write what I write for the story. I don’t need to change the ambience of my surroundings. The action is going on in my head, so it’s not influenced by external factors. The only external factor that seems to influence me is the weather. I have noticed it’s a lot more likely to be raining in the story if it’s raining outside.

4. I’ve seen the pretty black covers of the Snapping Turtle editions of your books around on the internet – they look gorgeous. What prompted the decision to go by JJ Fallon for these releases?

The publishers decided to do it. There is still a huge gender bias toward female fantasy writers. It’s not meant to hide who wrote it, just remove a barrier from readers who won’t even consider a book with a female writer on the cover. The thinking is that the majority of readers, when looking for a new series, are influenced by the cover and subtle prejudices like that. It’s designed to remove the prejudice and so far it seems to be working.

5. You’re currently writing a new series, beginning with The Lyre Thief, which is the “long awaited sequel to The Demon Child Trilogy and the Hythrun Chronicles!” Did you always intend to return to this world?

No. For a long time I swore I’d never go back. Then I had a bright idea. So off we go…

Rapid Fire Round:

1. Vegemite or Nutella?


2. What are you reading right now?

Treason Keep (researching stuff for the Lyre Thief)

3. What will you miss most while you’re in Antarctica?

Potato chips – the shop runs out really quickly when I’m there:)


Here’s a teaser trailer for The Undivided, I hope it entices some of you to start reading the Rift Runners series 😀

About Jennifer Fallon

Jennifer Fallon is the author of 17 full-length bestselling novels and a number of published short stories in genres ranging from horror to science fiction.

In addition to 4 complete fantasy series - The Demon Child trilogy, The Hythrun Chronicles, the Second Sons Trilogy,The Tide Lords Quadrilogy and the Rift Runners series - Fallon has written both a tie-novel and short fiction for the TV series, Stargate SG1, an official Zorro story, a novella for the Legends of Australian Fantasy Anthology and has a superhero - The Violet Valet (CHICKS IN CAPES).

Fallon has a Masters Degree from the Creative Arts faculty of QUT. A computer trainer and application specialist, Fallon currently works in the IT industry and spends at least a month each year working at Scott Base in Antarctica.

Reunion is published in Australia by HarperCollins, and is available now in bookstores and online.

I’d like to thank Jennifer for taking the time out for these questions in the midst of preparing to leave for Antarctica 😀 She’s one of my favourite authors so it’s amazing to have the opportunity to ask her a few questions. Thanks also to HarperCollins AU for organising it all!

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  1. David Y

    Such a great writer. I finished Reunion the night before last, already a little sad that I’ve finished the trilogy now. A page-turner as always, though I was a little confused by a few things left unexplained after the rush of activity toward the end. Can’t recommend the trilogy enough.

    Surprised at Q4, about a gender bias with fantasy authors. Fallon and McIntosh, both women are two of my favourite fantasy writers. I also think Hobb, Canavan and Haydon are great writers (though not a fan of Dart-Thornton, Moon or Gail Z. Martin. I tried, but not my cup of tea).

    I would challenge anyone to read the Tide Lords series and not be blown away.

    • Jon Dunstan

      I agree with you about Q4. While gender bias persists today, I think it exists mostly with some of the older generation.

      I don’t think it is the right move to publish under JJ Fallon and Jennifer Fallon, since I think it causes confusion. She already has 17 books under her belt a strong fan base to help push her brand.

      With the book world shrinking thanks to online communities, I reckon push the name, screw those with gender bias. Using the male pseudo name just keeps the bias going.

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