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November 6, 2012 Blog Tour 1

Welcome to the Shine Light blog tour. At each stop we’ll be revealing something new about the characters in Shine Light. What makes them tick? Do they have any secrets? Read on to find out . . .


At first Jarrold might seem a little like Rollo, and indeed in some ways he reminds Naif of her red-headed friend. But there are significant differences. For Jarrold the whole world is an adventure, there are few limits or boundaries on the things he would try. He has a natural confidence reinforced by his position as the only male child in his household. He worships Markes and develops a deep and enduring crush on Naif that goes well beyond the confines of these stories. Naif walks into his life when he is most impressionable. Jarrold is enamoured of her serious, straight forward intelligence and her quiet determination. She is stronger than any of girl he has met.

Jarrold wants to leave Grave to find new horizons, but also to see his sister out of the difficult situation at home – one he doesn’t fully, emotionally understand. Instinct tells him to grab the opportunity to go with Naif when she leaves.

Humour and resilience are Jarrold’s strengths, and he grows to be a leader in his own right as the Young Ones spread their wings and strike out alone after the end of Shine Light.  In time, he finds a partner who can match him for taking high stakes risks but he never ever loses his first-love tenderness for Naif.

Writing Jarrold for me was like inventing the younger brother I never had. I loved the fact he was game for anything and able to cut right to the heart of any serious situation with a grounded, funny remark. Jarrold is the leveller – the person that tells us exactly how it is. He’s also the first to jump off the cliff!

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Marianne has provided an exclusive excerpt for every stop on the tour! This is part six – read all the other parts at the previous stops, accessible at this link.

There was malice in the approaching darkness. Naif could feel it as they sailed closer to Ixion. The loss of light was a gradual thing, the sun on one horizon swimming in orange while the dark seeped into their skin from the other direction.

No one spoke much as the cabin lamps switched on and the sunset was lost in their wake. Ruzalia handed out masks and dull red beads and instructed them all to place the beads under their tongues.

‘I’ve discovered it dampens the hyper-reaction,’ she said as she sank into her seat.

The bead tasted bitter but Naif let it dissolve slowly in her mouth as she toyed with the mask in her hands. She remembered the trip to Ixion on the barge; how she’d felt turned inside out as they crossed into the Golden Spiral. And how Rollo had fallen in her lap and buried his face in her breasts.

She glanced at the others. They sat rigid, their expressions hidden by their masks. At the end of the table Markes had an arm clamped around Emilia, locking her into her seat.

Naif swivelled away from them all to avoid any embarrassing contact and slipped her mask into place.

A heavy, thick blackness fell on her. She plummeted down the ferocious curve of its wave, unable to breathe or move. It crashed over her, pushing her deep beneath it. Unable to hold air in her lungs any longer, she gasped, open-mouthed. The darkness rushed inside her, flooding through her body like a cool sting.

‘Naif ? Naif !’

Charlonge called to her from somewhere but the dark suffocated her answer.

‘Naif!’ She heard a much more strident voice this time, accompanied by a slap that made her blink repeatedly.

Suddenly her mask was reefed away and she was back on the deck of Ruzalia’s ship, looking up at Charlonge and the pirate.

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Thank you very much to Marianne de Pierres and Random House Australia for organising this wonderful blog tour!

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