Stocktake Saturday 13 – 2014

April 5, 2014 Stocktake Saturday 9

Welcome to Stocktake Saturday! This feature is where I share some bookish news with you and then show you all the bookish goodies I got over the week.

The cover reveals from the last week – (links to Goodreads pages)

  • Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld
  • Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth – US edition (out Sept 2014 from Thomas Dunne Books)
  • Gemsigns ((R)evolution #1) by Stephanie Saulter – US edition (out May 2014 from Jo Fletcher Books)
  • Take Me On (Pushing the Limits #4) by Katie McGarry – AU edition (out June 2014 from HarlequinAU)
  • The Godless (Children #1) by Ben Peek

In Bookish News, you can now read the first few chapters of Joe Abercrombie’s upcoming Half a King on his website.

The title of the third book in Alexandra Bracken’s The Darkest Minds series has been revealed. Check out her post here. It will be called In the Afterlight, and the sentence the three titles make is “The darkest minds never fade in the afterlight”. Bracken also said that the novella, In Time, isn’t part of the sentence, but if she wrote another novella (which she’s seriously considering), the titles of the novellas would form their own sentence. 

The cover-art for the new Australian editions of Sabriel and Lirael by Garth Nix have been revealed. The full covers, along with those of Abhorsen and then the upcoming Clariel, will be revealed soon, so check back next week. Who else is buying another set of these wonderful books?

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The Hunt for Pierre Jnr by David M Henley is free this weekend. Grab it while you can!

This week’s reviews:

This week I’ve had Karen Healey, NZ author of When We Wake and While We Run over for an interview, and the blog tour for Disruption hop by, where Jessica Shirvington has told us five things we didn’t know about her. I also launched my new monthly newsletter. It all went off without a hitch (well OK, the program tried to send two newsletters at once, but I stopped it), and I’ve gotten the loveliest comments for it. It’s something I’m really proud of, so I hope you guys enjoy them too! And if you haven’t signed up yet, please sign up in the sidebar. The next one goes out 1st May!

The first week of the month means the Monthly Must Read has also changed – do check out my review of Dreams of Gods and Monsters guys (the spoilers are hidden behind the spoiler tags). If you’re not already reading this series, change that NOW!!

I’ll also be posting up my AWW YA SpecFic round up this week over at the Australian Women Writer’s Read Challenge website!

And some personal news, my PhD is GOING GREAT! It’s been about a month since I hit this massive slump, I’ve worked through it and we’re back to ‘everything is working’ territory. So yay! But to offset that awesome news, lots of rain recently means that the construction of our house has been delayed by another 4 weeks. Pro: we have more time to save money. Con: we were really hoping to be in the house before it really got cold in Canberra, which isn’t looking like its happening. Moving is going to be so much fun.

So this week will be absolutely epic for me (and many others, I think). Tonight I’m going to the Aurealis Awards – some of you may know I was on the judging panel for the Fantasy Short Story category this year. I’m really excited about this. I’ll take a camera and take tonnes of photos! And then on Wednesday I’m going to a media screening of Divergent. I am SO. EXCITED.

My book hauls, beginning as usual with the physical copies, thanks to Hachette Australia and Scholastic Australia (links to Goodreads):

  • Illusion (Chronicles of Nick #5) by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Nine (The Last Thirteen #5) by James Phelan
  • Fire & Flood (Fire & Flood #1) by Victoria Scott

And e-galleys from Netgalley and Edelweiss:

I hope you have some goodies to share as well, leave your links below and I’ll be sure to visit 🙂

Happy Reading!

9 Responses to “Stocktake Saturday 13 – 2014”

  1. Kelly

    Awesome haul this week. Ahh, building a house. We went through that experience three years ago, and I know how stressed you must be, never mind studying for your PhD. You really are super Shaheen. If you ever want to chat about the house and need to vent, I’m all ears just send me a shout 🙂

    • Shaheen


      Hahha, actually we’re getting a house-and-land package with a house basically out of a box: in that we really just looked at all the plans, picked a house, and now we’re waiting for it to be finished. It’s the most hassle-free thing I’ve done in ages. The exterior colours were picked out for us, and we had to pick one of four schemes for the interior colours. Easy peasy.

      I cannot imagine actually building a house and getting to (having to!) pick put every individual element from door knobs to paint colours and light fittings. We had a tremendously difficult time picking interior colours, and there were only 4 schemes!

      I will let you know, most definitely, when I need to talk!

      • Kelly

        Oh, that sounds so much easier choosing a lock up package. We went the long route. Chose our land, then shopped around for builders, then moved walls and changed plans to suit what we wanted. We had to pick out everything, door handles, colours, carpet, tiles, even toilets, grout colours, fixtures and fittings. And it had to all be chosen within a two hour apportionment with the stylist. The best thing we invested in was a independent inspector before handover to check the house over for little things we might not have noticed, or something that might have been missing. Your builder has to fix or amend anything that is in the report, which saves having to fight them.

  2. Rochelle Sharpe

    Afterworlds sounds like it might be interesting. I can’t wait for Take Me On, I love Katie McGarry.
    The cover illustrations for the Sabriel books are gorgeous but I can’t afford to buy another set of the books, too many other books I need to buy 🙂
    I bought Dreams Of Gods and Monsters this week, I can’t wait to read it (I have two books I’m reading at the moment but once I’ve finished those I’ll dive right in.) I won’t read your review of it until after I’ve read it though.
    Glad to hear your PhD is going great. Sorry to hear about the delay on your house.
    Some great ARC’s there, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on Fire and Flood.
    Thanks for another great Stocketake Saturday.

    • Shaheen

      DoGaM!!!!! SQUUEEEE. Ok, so we all know how much I loved it since it’s this month’s MUST READ. But really I can’t stress my excitement enough!

      Fire and Flood is one I’ve been looking out for ages, and apparently they knew this at Bloomsbury and voila, it turned up all surprise like.

      One of the first presents my husband got me (way back when) was an omnibus of the Old Kingdom Chronicles because I wouldn’t shut up about how much I loved the series. But it’s rather battered after numerous re-reads, and because its an omnibus (very thick) it’s gotten dropped and a little torn. So a new set is in order, and it’ll be awesome to have a matching Clariel.

  3. Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    Oh I’m sooo jealous of A Handful Of Dust. I’m tempted to sign up to Edeilweiss…but I have zero idea of how it works and I probably wouldn’t get approved right off the bat, lol! Anyway! Enjoy Divergent!! I’m still trying to figure out when it’s in cinemas, because the websites are all being weird. I have Fire & Flood and Nine, too!! xD SO EXCITED for Fire & Flood!! I feel like I’m years behind, since everyone’s already read it, buuut, it’s going to be awesome. My StS!

    • Shaheen

      Hiya! Edelweiss is very much like NetGalley. You sign up, and for a while every request will get rejected. Then someone will take a chance on you, and you slowly build up your cred. It used to be that the difference was that EW was a lot more region specific – I only get approved for books that have Commonwealth rights. But that’s changed on NG too now, so the difference seems to be that review copies come way earlier on EW than on NG.

  4. Kirstie

    If you haven’t read it yet you will totally love Bitter Greens. The US cover looks nice, but i like our Australian cover better.

    In regard to the house, that’s a bummer. After the weekend I’ve seen Canberra can be chilly, so fingers crossed that a few things fall nicely into place and you can movie in in time.

    The artwork on the Sabriel and Lirael covers is so lush! I haven’t read them yet, so maybe I’ll have to find some spare cash for them ;p

  5. Shaheen

    I’m an unashamed fan-girl for Bitter Greens. Actually, all of Forsyth’s books! My favourite cover is the UK one, which matches their edition of The Wild Girl and is illustrated and gorgeous! But our Australian one is a close second hahaha.

    Oh oh, puhlllleeeezzzee read the Old Kingdom Chronicles! You have plenty of time to read Sabriel and Lirael and Abhorsen before Clariel comes out in September. What about libraries? Libraries are my best friends. But I think the ACT public library system is very good compared to other states. The ones I went to in NSW were never as good or comprehensive, and their books were always either damaged or very old.

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