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April 13, 2013 Stocktake Saturday 2

Welcome to Stocktake Saturday! This feature is where I share some bookish news with you and then show you all the bookish goodies I got over the week.

Lots of cover reveals since I last posted – (links to Goodreads pages)

  • Illusion (Chronicles of Nick #5) by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Control (Shift #2) by Kim Curran
  • Countdown by Michelle Rowen – reminds me very strongly of the cover of Article 5
  • Tremble (Denazen #3) by Jus Accardo

In Bookish News, you can now pre-order The Bane Chronicles at the official Shadowhunter site. The Bane Chronicles are a series of ten short stories that follow the adventures of immortal warlock Magnus Bane, a fan-favorite character from The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series, written by Cassandra Clare in collaboration with fellow YA authors Sarah Rees Brennan and Maureen Johnson.

Level 2, the 2012 debut novel by Lenore Appelhans, will be re-released in paperback under a new title, The Memory of After. This is due to fan confusion over the use of ‘2’ in the original title, which prompted readers to believe it was a sequel. The Memory of After will be available in paperback on September 3, 2013 and will include an excerpt of the sequel, Chasing Before (previously referred to as Level 3) as well as the cross-section illustration of a Level Two hive. In the blog post Lenore wrote about this change, she mentions that this also means that the original Level 2 copies and its swag are now collector’s items.

Strange Chemistry, the Young Adult imprint of Angry Robot Books, have announced that they have signed Cassandra Rose Clarke for another two novels, set in the same world as The Assassin’s Curse/The Pirate’s Wish duology. Clarke has released three novels with Strange Chemistry and Angry Robot to date, the third novel being The Mad Scientist’s Daughter.

Angry Robot have announced two acquisitions this week: firstly the worldwide rights to a fantasy duology by Freya Robertson, beginning with Heartwood. “Heartwood is a truly epic fantasy that tells the story of a dying land, a desperate quest, a love story of sorts, and the seven knights who travel the wilderness in a battle to save the land and its people“. It  will be published in early 2014, with the sequel to follow later in the year.

Secondly, the rights to two epic fantasy novels by James A. Moore, the first of which, Seven Forges, will be published in October. “The Seven Forges are a range of impassable mountains, far to the north of the settled lands of Fellein. From time to time explorers venture up beyond the Blasted Lands in search of a way over them and the promise of legendary riches, but without success. Now Captain Merros Dulver has found a path, and encountered, at last, the half-forgotten people who dwell there. And it would appear they were expecting him.”

Summit Entertainment has now confirmed the start of production on Divergent in Chicago – with Mekhi Phifer (as Max) and Amy Newbold (as Molly) as confirmed cast members. Additionally, Ray Stevenson has been officially cast in the film as Marcus Eaton.

You can read an exclusive ‘lost chapter’, a prequel of sorts, from Dark Triumph, the second book in Robin LaFevers trilogy, at the Amazon Blog. The series is about a young girl training as an assassin in a convent.

The title for the third instalment of Moira Young’s Dust Lands series has been revealed: Raging Star.

This week I have been Waiting On … iD by Madeline Ashby. I also received my blog bookmarks a few days ago – they are gorgeous and I love them! I’ll be sending them out to future giveaway winners 🙂

Firstly, the physical review copies from Simon & Schuster AU, Allen & Unwin AU, Penguin AU, Harlequin AU, Hachette AU and HardieGrantErgmont and Random House AU (links to Goodreads):


From NetGalley, thanks to Penguin Books and Angry Robot Books:

Last time I was 7 books behind in my Read Three, Buy One scheme. This past week I haven’t bought anything, and I have reviewed the following books:

  1. Dreams and Shadows by C. Robert Cargill
  2. Forsaken by Thomas E. Sniegoski
  3. Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed
  4. Hidden by Marianne Curley
  5. Jilted by Rachael Johns

Which leaves me 2 books behind. I’m happy with my progress, but there are a few books on my ‘want-to-buy’ list that have come out recently, so I hope I stay strong!

I hope you have some goodies to share as well, leave your links below and I’ll be sure to visit 🙂

Happy Reading!

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  1. veganyanerds

    Lots of lovely books!

    And that was my first thought about Level 2, it sounds like a sequel. Plus, it was impossible to find on Goodreads, ha!

  2. Micheline (@MissMimz)

    House of Hades, Crown of Midnight & Control are stunning AND exciting cover reveals 😀 The Bane Chronicles sound awesome – Magnus is so brilliant ♥ And the cast for the Divergent Movie is shaping up nicely, did you hear they cast Ashley Judd as Tris’ mom?!

    Also congrats on the brilliant looking haul,the Morganville Vampire books and ACID are 2 I really want to check out! I hope you’ll love ALL of them though!

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