Stocktake Saturday 64

September 7, 2013 Stocktake Saturday 5

Welcome to Stocktake Saturday! This feature is where I share some bookish news with you and then show you all the bookish goodies I got over the week.

The cover reveals from the last week  – (links to Goodreads pages)

In Bookish News, Angry Robot has signed on Miche Sipes and will be publishing the “brilliantly funny fantasy novel”, An Angel Torched My Homework and Other Lies in late 2014! A little bit about the book:

Imagine if vampires, werewolves, angels and zombies came about merely because of a mutated gene… Can Normals and Differents ever get along?

Carrie Philips just wants her junior year at Clement Academy to go smoothly. Sure, it’s the first high school in the nation to integrate Norms like her with the Differents. But the Diffs are just typical teenagers with teeny-tiny genetic anomalies. They’re certainly not dangerous or anything. At least that’s what Carrie has always believed.

But when several of her fellow students are mysteriously assaulted, cracks form in Carrie’s worldview. Cracks she tries to ignore while defending her friends from anti-Diff backlash and solving the mystery of who’s really behind the attacks. Then, Carrie stumbles on a bombshell that could forever change how Norms and Diffs see each other. So much for a quiet school year.

The book trailer for Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart has been released (a YA fantasy about superheros, kind-of) – watch it here. Are you anticipating this title as much as I am? If not – I think you should be. Sanderson’s a highly acclaimed epic fantasy writer, and I’m absolutely certain his foray into YA will Blow. Your. Mind. You know how I always complain about YA Fantasy – lack of worldbuilding, lack of character development, lack, lack, lack? Well I wish all YA Fantasy were like Sanderson’s novels, and I’m hoping to convert a few of you too! Plus his books would be an amazing starting off point if you’re interested in reading Fantasy aimed at adults.

Random House Kids has announced that David Levithan will be writing a companion novel to Every Day! Rhiannon will be published in 2015.

Delacorte Press has bought the rights to a futuristic thriller called The Fearless, by Emma Pass. It’s the story of 17-year-old Cass and her fight to protect her younger brother from a terrifying enemy known as The Fearless; it will be published in 2015.

Did you know that Mark Lawrence has made a free Jorg story available online? Called Sleeping Beauty, it’s set (obviously) in the same universe as his acclaimed series, The Broken Empire, and you can add it to Goodreads or read it here.

Check out these gorgeous tarot cards based on The Lord of the Rings!

Nathan Bransford wrote a blog post about reviewers bullying authors on Goodreads, which copped a lot of flack because he said some things that everyone disagreed with (basically it was an ill-research post which applauded Stop The GoodReads Bullies, and linked to several prominent reviewers’ reviews claiming they were harassing the author, when in fact, they weren’t), and then Mike Mullin (of Ashfall and Ashen Winter fame) wrote an article about what Nathan gets wrong. I’m not linking to Nathan’s musings, but I will link to my earlier post on the awesome, positive experiences I have had over the years with authors (both traditionally and self published). I think we need to turn the negativity down and realise there’s bad apples no matter which cross-section of society you look into, and the point is to all be respectful and nice to one another.

Brigid Kemmerer was recently asked whether her books are appropriate for a 14-year old, and she responded very eloquently (I thought so, anyway). I also left a really long comment on the post :p

This week I’ve been Waiting on … Seven Forges by James Moore. I’m giving away two copies of The Returned by Jason Mott, courtesy of Harlequin AU, and the entire Disharmony series by Leah Giarratano, courtesy of Penguin AU. Hurry and enter both!

My book hauls, beginning as usual with the physical copies, thanks to Hachette AU and Penguin AU (links to Goodreads):

And e-galleys from Netgalley and Edelweiss:

  • Seven Forges by James A. Moore – Angry Robot – Exciting since this is my WoW this week!
  • Katya’s War (Russalka Chronicles #2) by Jonathan L. Howard – Angry Robot
  • Dust (WOOL #3) by High Howey – Random House AU

Last time I was four books ahead in my Read Three, Buy One scheme, with one book purchase unlocked, and my husband generously bought me two books this week! He really is the best husband in the whole world 🙂 And my pre-order of Origin came in!

  1. How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You by Tara Eglington
  2. Hate is Such a Strong Word by Sarah Ayoub
  3. Origin (Lux #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I reviewed the following books this week:

  1. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
  2. Storm Watcher by Maria V. Snyder
  3. The Girl with the Iron Touch by Kady Cross

Which leaves me 4 books ahead and with one book purchase unlocked.

I hope you have some goodies to share as well, leave your links below and I’ll be sure to visit 🙂

Happy Reading!

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  1. Braiden @ Book Probe

    Aaargh! I got declined for Seven Forges 🙁 Was incredibly sad. Must probably get those Angry Robot titles I have from net galley read because their titles are awesome! And okay… email time to Lara to see if I could get Allies & Assassins >.<

    Love these posts! I should probably incorporate my hauls into my news posts which I had earlier in the year – but first get back to doing it!

    • speculatef

      I’m excited about Seven Forges (if it being my WoW wasn’t indication enough). I have many AR books to read as well, they’re so awesome. Plus everytime I see a new one at the store I always grab it, they’re pretty rare here I’ve found. And I’ve never seen a SC book in the wild here.

      I like doing all the news and covers and my haul all at once, I work on it throughout the week and then it just posts Saturday 🙂 Make sure you link back to mine if you do use the idea!! 😀

    • speculatef

      ZOMG Steelheart *drools* And Gollancz is releasing it with matchy-matchy covers to the rest of Sanderson’s work, so WIN.

      PS I’m not sure why anyone would want to keep a boy from kissing them, but intrigued to find out ….

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