Stocktake Saturday 73

November 9, 2013 Stocktake Saturday 2

Welcome to Stocktake Saturday! This feature is where I share some bookish news with you and then show you all the bookish goodies I got over the week.

The cover reveals from the last week – (links to Goodreads pages)

  • Fracture Me (Shatter Me #2.5) by Tahereh Mafi
  • The Eye of Zoltar (The Last Dragonslayer #3) by Jasper Fforde
  • Savage (Wolf Springs Chronicles #3) by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié

In Bookish News, The Bone Season has been acquired by 20th Century Fox. The deal was made with The Imaginarium, Andy Serkis (Gollum in LotR and The Hobbit) and Jonathan Cavendish’s production company, who own the rights to the film adaptation.

The rights to a new YA trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (called Illuminae) have been bought by Knopf. “The story is told through a dossier of hacked documents – including emails, military files, IMs, medical reports, interviews, graphics, and more – for what’s billed as a found footage-style mashup of Battlestar Gallactica and Ten Things I Hate About You. Publication will begin in fall 2015″. Amie and Jay are like … well I know we aren’t really authors’ friends as bloggers, but if I had to name awesome-authors-who-might-be-friends, they’d be on the list. How awesome that they are collaborating 😀

Kiersten White has announced a new book, In the Shadows, in collaboration with Jim Di Bartolo. It is pitched as “Hugo Cabret meets Miss Peregrine”. The story is told “in an alternating narrative of words and pictures.” Publication is scheduled for the US Summer of 2014 through Scholastic Press.

Tor has acquired two new books by the extremely talented Brandon Sanderson. They are set in the same world as the Mistborn series, and will follow Max and Wayne from The Alloy of Law – “a team of cowboy detectives who investigate crimes that arise in a Scadrial that is rapidly approaching modernity”. The first of these books is currently titled Shadows of Self and is slated for release in fall of 2014 (our spring), with the other following in 2015. Brandon’s editor Moshe Feder reminds us that the Mistborn series is intended to be a trilogy of trilogies, with the first set in Scadrial’s mythological past, the second in its equivalent of Earth’s 20th century and the third in its future (Star Wars style). The Max and Wayne books are not, however, the second trilogy. They’re “bonus books, an unplanned and unexpected result of Brandon’s need to relax and refresh his imagination while completing the Wheel of Time and starting the Stormlight Archive“. The Alloy of Law trilogy is set about 75 years before the time of the second trilogy.

Check out the book trailer for Marie Lu’s Champion, the final book in her Legend series at Hollywood Crush.

I’d totally missed this announcement, so maybe some of you did too (maybe … or not!), but the third book in Sarah Rees Brennan’s Lynburn books is going to be titled Unmade. In other title news, Rachel Hartman has blogged about the sequel to Seraphina. It will be called Shadow Scale (two words, where previously it was Shadowscale. Subtle!) and the release date is tentatively penciled for March 2015. Which is a long time away, but it’s going to be an even better book for it 🙂

The title and synopsis of the second book in the Starbound series has been announced. The Shattered World is a companion novel to These Broken Stars, by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner, and is set in the same galaxy as book one.

Six months after the events of THESE BROKEN STARS, the second book in the trilogy follows a new pair of star-crossed lovers—one a rebel fighting for his home, the other a soldier tasked with eradicating the rebellion—facing down a powerful darkness hidden in the wilderness of a newly terraformed world.

Three worlds. Three love stories. One enemy.

Laini Taylor’s Night of Cake and Puppets is finally available for pre-order in Australia! Find out more at Book Nerd Reviews.

You know George R. R. Martin is in the country, right? If course you did! Well the HarperVoyager publicist is there and blogging about her experiences – check out the Friday update here.

This week I’ve been Waiting on … Defy by Sara. I have a new giveaway up as well, for my Aussie readers: you can enter to win one of three copies of Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron! You can also see all the other giveaways I’ve organised until the end of the year on the side-bar 🙂

Also, because I am forgetful and quite useless at the moment with a major PhD deadline coming up, I totally forgot to let you all know that I was in my very first podcast!! The wonderful hosts of the Ladies of YA monthly podcast invited me over as a guest, and I got to go and talk about books and authors and speculative fiction, and generally just talk and giggle a lot. It was a lot of fun!! I encourage you to go over and listen to it here, and subscribe to the podcast.

My book hauls, beginning as usual with the physical copies, thanks to Hachette AU and Harlequin AU (links to Goodreads):

And e-galleys from Netgalley and Edelweiss:

Last time I was ten books behind in my Read Three, Buy One scheme. This week I reviewed:

Which leaves me 5 books behind.

I hope you have some goodies to share as well, leave your links below and I’ll be sure to visit 🙂

Happy Reading!

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  1. Rochelle Sharpe

    You got some great books this week 🙂 I love your upcoming giveaways, I loved to win any of those books but especially Captivate, I’m really excited for it.
    In the Shadows sounds like it is going to be good.
    Thanks again for another great post.

  2. Dragana

    So many wonderful news. If it wasn’t for yours Stocktake Saturday I would be totally uninformed. 🙂
    Super excited for The Bone Season movie (although I still need to read the book). But the more fantasy movies the merrier.
    How awesome is that J.Kristoff and A.Kaufman are collaboration? Super awesome! I like how it sounds so far!
    Two new Sanderson’s books!!! *drools* Mistborn is first Sanderson series I have read and holds a special place in my heart. And I am looking forward to more Maz and Wayne they were funny.
    Rachel Hartman is sure taking her time with Seraphina’s sequel. I hope it’s worth the wait.

    Congrats on your very first podcast! 🙂

    Parasite was creepy but good. I hope you enjoy it too!
    I’ve got ARC of ‘The Taking’ too. I’m going to share it at the end of the month since I am too lazy to list my new books every Saturday. 🙂

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